In Magi Theater, Nestle Building located in Rockwell, Makati City dated June 08, 2011, the NESTLE PHILIPPINES has conducted an exhibit and pre-screening of a short film anthology, “KASAMBUHAY HABAMBUHAY”, as part of the celebration of the Company’s centennial or 100th years in the business history for good food and good life to reaffirms its commitment to help nurture generations of  every Filipino families.

The short film anthology has composed of stories being partners in life for 100 years told in 100 minutes with synopsis as follows:

1. THE HOWL & THE FUSSYKET, a family comedy of manners expressing the story of perseverance, unity in the family and the real meaning of victory and possibly the “Rocky”of all declamation contest. It also features the BEAR BRAND instant Milk.

2. UNPLUGGED, a feel good adventure of discovery that going offline is the only way to reconnect back to life. MILO is the brand featured in the story.

3. SILUP, a gritty urban drama about the life of Manila cop who has this mysterious routine of taking out a can of sterilized milk (BEAR BRAND Sterilized) from a cupboard and depositing his revolver in its place. Eventually, it is revealed that it symbolizes how it is like to live by his duty as a policemen to serve and protect.

4. ISANG TASANG PANGARAP (“HOPE IN A MUG”), a comedy of proportions that tells  “The Coffee Psychic” and personifies hope for the townsfolk. NESCAFFE brand is featured in the story.

5. SALI SALITA (“WORD PLAY”), is a family fantasy drama about a mother who writes children’s story books, but sadly doesn’t have enough time to create stories for her own son. The story ended in a happy scenario that is depends on the storyteller mother who created the greatest ending. Of course, NIDO is the brand features in the film.

6. OH! PA RA SA TA U WA YEAH!, a original pinoy musical comedy about a family outing that also features the brand NESTEA.

7. DOWNTOWN, a quiet story of love abour a chineese man who realizes that his coffee has it better because, at least, it has a creamer (COFFEE-MATE) to be its mate.

8. TINGALA SA BABA (“LOOK UP BELOW”), a Coming-of-Age Satire genre in a typical playground, two kids playing seesaw. NESTLE ICE CREAM and NESTLE KOKO KRUNCH are the brands featured in the story.

9. COOKING MO, COOKING KO (“YOUR COOKING, MY COOKING), a Shakespearean Food Film and comedic version of the classic “ROMEO AND JULIET”. The brand featured is MAGGI MAGIC SARAP.

10. SIGN SEEKER,  a romantic comedy of a superstitious guy who seeks all sorts of “divine”signs that will determine his decision of asking the girl of his dreams out on a date. NESTLE FRUIT SELECTION YOGURT and NESTLE FITNESSE are brands featured in this short film.

I believe that the short film featured in the event is a recommended short film to be watch for all ages of different family backgrounds. It is great and successful event on that day. I really appreciate the management for creating this short film including the staffs, directors, actors and actresses and everyone partcipated in the project.

Thank you also to the organizers and to the person(s) who invited us bloggers to the succesful event of a short film anthology “KASAMBUHAY HABAMBUHAY”. A great story and direction. Indeed, really enjoyed the viewing of the said event.

In fact, NESTLE PHILIPPINES has decided to make this short film anthology a FREE SCREENING for the Filipino families on June 11 to 12, 2011 in selected cinemas namely: SM Mega Mall Cinema 3, SM Southmall Cinema 6, SM Rosales Cinema 1, SM Cebu Cinema 7 and SM Davao Cinema 1.

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