Avantone “Cabernet (C-series)” are premium microphones designed to offer true professional performance

The avantone cv-12 is a premium microphone designed to offer true professional performance and multi-pattern tube condenser with elegant red finish.
It features an elegant Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim and grill. Any studio can proudly offer the CV-12 as a primary vocal mic and  exudes class visually as well as sonically. Manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability.


  • Audio
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 136 dB
  • Connectivity: XLR
  • Pattern and type
  • Capsule: Tube
  • Pattern: Multi-pattern
  • Type: Mounted
  • Applications: Studio, stage
  • Phantom power required: No
  • Size and weight
  • Length: 9.5″
  • Width: 1.8″
  • Depth: n/a
  • Weight: 1.8 lb.
  • Included accessories
  • Case: Wooden box
  • Clip: Shockmount
  • Power supply: Yes

The versatile CV-12 mic is able to produce professional results with a warm, pleasing sonic character. The included Custom Retro Shockmount is superb in allowing a precise positioning of the mic while inhibiting the transfer of unwanted vibrations up into the mic. This isolation allows for superior professional results.

The Medical City Raises Awareness on Proper Nutrition through Arts

Cases of malnutrition in the country are increasing at an alarming rate. Undernutrition is not the only issue now, but pediatric overweight and obesity as well. Malnutrition may happen from pregnancy, infancy to toddlerhood.

Parents and soon-to-be-parents must know that good or proper nutrition in the early stages of life will ultimately cause a positive effect in a child’s future. Therefore, preparing healthy meals and snacks is the key to a healthy body.

NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate2
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate2

Pregnant mothers must only eat nutritious food as their babies rely on them for nourishment. To bear a healthy child, mothers must have a healthy diet, coupled with vitamins and the right amount of sleep. A baby’s development is entirely dependent on the mother before its birth.

NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate3
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate3
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate4
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate4

When a baby is born, it is important to feed him with the mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is advised from infancy to toddlerhood. Breast milk and other healthy food are essential for the development of the child’s brain. Healthy eating, however, does not stop from there, so parents should prepare a healthy packed lunch for kids when they go to school.

NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate5
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate5
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate6
NMS Week 2016 Panels_Know Your Plate6

In this light, the Nutrition Management Services and the Center for Developmental Pediatrics, both of The Medical City, aim to raise awareness by launching a poster making contest. Dubbed “TMC for kids: Healthy Eating Plate – A poster making contest on good nutrition,” the contest is open to middle school Grade 5 students). This contest is also in line with the Department of Health’s “Pinggang Pinoy” campaign.

Each school will submit five posters that show the students’ interpretation of a healthy plate based on DoH’s campaign or healthy plate campaign of the US. Participating schools include St. Paul College-Pasig, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, La Salle Green Hills, and Immaculate Concepcion Academy.

Winnerd of the TMC Poster Making Contest
Winnerd of the TMC Poster Making Contest

Aside from the poster making contest, there will be a mini-lecture on topics such as proper nutrition, food options and picky eating. The lecture will be held during the school’s Parent-Teacher Assembly. Parents, school administrators and school canteen operators are encouraged to join the lecture.

The entries will be displayed at the lobby of The Medical City for at least two weeks, and will also be uploaded on the hospital’s Facebook page and website.

The Medical City (TMC) is a world-class hospital healthcare organization with 48 years of experience in hospital operation and administration. With its main facility located along Ortigas Avenue, TMC boasts of experienced and esteemed medical experts of various fields with modern facilities that offer the highest standard of healthcare quality as accredited by the Joint Commission International, a prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations.