Play Just Roll It Online Board Game For One Million Pesos In Cash And Prizes Promo

Have you downloaded the “Just Roll It PH” online board game and play for One Million Pesos in cash and prizes?

With your spare time, you can download the Just Roll It online board game and play with players who are interested in the concept of a monopoly game related to building real estate empire or activities.


Just Roll It is the most exciting online board game to hit the Philippines. This game is similar to a monopoly game that can be played on the PC  with groups of Four (4) players as a free for all individual game or as teams of 2 in a team battle.

Besides, this online board game is intended for those players who like a colorful character who will travel the world to buy properties and build a real estate empire or territory. Choose a character with special abilities to help you manipulate dice rolls or give you extra luck to turn tide in your favor.


Some of the techniques to be able to win over your opponents on the Just Roll It online board game is to use your monopoly or power of the real estate market to collect rentals from other players who rented or land on your properties and force them into bankruptcy.

As you continuously playing the Just Roll It online board game,  you can upgrade or increase your character’s level, equipping lucky charms and special dice. Wow, I think this online board game would be an exciting game that I will playing during may spare time.


Play, discover and master the concepts and features of the game to be able to win your opponents and establish a powerful real estate empire on the Just Roll It online board game.

As one of the new players of the Just Roll It online board game, will learn the features and strategies of the game. Character and attitude in playing the game are important aspects to be considered not just only in a game but also in personal lifestyle whether it is related to business or non business activities.

While your are playing Just Roll It even during your spare time, as players can stand a chance to win at least P1,000 daily from monthly prize pool of P62,000. Download and play the Just Roll It online board game for a chance to win prizes and you players can also qualify to join a weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months to win part of a total prize pool of one million pesos!


Play more for a chance to win P1,000,000 worth of prizes will be given away for Weekly Raffle Event and Monthly Raffle Event.

This is part of promoting the Just Roll It online board game that will eventually hit and become popular to the online and non-online players in the Philippines.

Watch this video:

Download for free and play the Just Roll It online board game for a chance to win prizes and to meet players that could also help you with regards to the game. There would also be the possibility to meet new friends while playing the Just Roll It online board game.

Visit their website: to know more about the Just Roll It online board game.


This day, I have just downloaded the application of the 3D action fighting game “Pound for Pound” for free in my iPhone.

Pound for Pound is a new 3D action fighting game series starring the Filipino athlete and international superstar, Manny Pacquiao, who is portrayed as a martial arts action hero. Pound for Pound is created for a wide gaming audience featuring accessible game mechanics, and will be available on iOS, Android and Facebook.

Pound for Pound: Volume 1 takes gamers through narrative arcs, intense action and addictive game play, as Manny the martial arts action hero battles through the underground world of heinous villains on a mission of justice. Gamers not only wield Manny’s legendary combination of pummelling punches with his lightning fast hands, but have access to new items that will improve Manny’s fighting power

Pound for Pound will be released in international markets and offered in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese and Arabic languages.

  • Fight as the world famous Manny Pacquiao in this action packed – game for iOS, Android and Facebook.
  • iOS/Android gamers will use touchscreen  actions and gestures to unleash Manny’s arsenal of lethal punches and kicks. Facebook users will use the keyboard and mouse to dish out a sequence of attacks.
  • Fight against minions, mini-bosses, and bosses who increase in difficulty as players progress through the game.
  • Guide Manny in his crusade for justice and experience artistically vivid environments with an immersive storyline.
  • Engage in a combat oriented experience leveling Manny as you progress through challenging and intense battles
  • Upgrade Manny’s attributes with every level you gain, furthermore customize Manny’s gear and items to make him look the way YOU want.
  • Integration with Game Center for unlockable achievements and leaderboard ranking.


Release Date(s) – iOS Nov. 2011, Android Dec. 2011, Facebook Dec. 2011

Publisher – Karkadann Games

Developer – Plix Games, Fishing Cactus

Genre – Single-player action fighting game

Platforms – iOS, Android and Facebook

Price – $2.99 for iOS and Android, Free for Facebook







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Phillip Klugman, Account Executive

+1 (415) 955-8500