Top 5 Home Gift Ideas (under 10K) for a Breville-lized Holidays

Wracking your brains about what to give this Christmas for friends, families, loved ones and the significant others? Let Australian kitchen brand Breville®, established more than 80 years ago, save you from that brain wrack.

Breville® Compact Kettle

The Breville® Compact Kettle may be small, but it doesn’t scrimp on features to make it that perfect, affordable Christmas gift. Its 4-cup capacity is just right for your needs. The soft open lid ensures you won’t get hot water splash back, the water window shows you how much water is inside, while the lid release button helps you fill the kettle with water with much ease. For those quiet moments where a cup of coffee or a hot cup of soup is your way of spending some “me” time during Christmas while you reminisce, let the Breville®  Compact Kettle join you, for only P3,900. Enjoy special holiday promos when you buy them.

Breville® Multi Chef

Impress your guests, relatives and friends and make your Christmas reunions more memorable with the Breville® Multi Chef.  This kitchen wonder helps you prepare those special appetizers to desserts. Create creamy risotto or offer that tender, slow-cooked meal to guests right at your own home & make your meals truly sumptuous all the time. The Breville® Multi Chef, which also has a sauté/sear setting so you can brown all your fresh ingredients, is yours for only Php 6,900. Not bad, right?

Breville® Original ’74 Jaffle Maker

If you’re serving special sandwiches or preparing waffles for the family on Christmas morn—or any other day for that matter—the Breville® Original ’74 Jaffle Maker does the job so well. Create diagonally bisected waffles or use this versatile sandwich maker to prepare extra ordinary snacks for visiting friends & relatives these holidays. Its durable polished stainless steel makes the Breville® Original ’74 Jaffle maker last a lifetime, plus wide sealing edges and a 1-year warranty, all for only Php 5,499.

BREVILLE® Kinetix® Twist Blender

Blend better w/ your love ones these holidays by giving the new Kinetix Twist Blender a member of the BREVILLE® Kinetix Superstar blenders. The BREVILLE® Kinetix® Twist Blender comes with powerful functions and features such as the mini-Kinetix® Blade and Bowl-Hugging System, wherein central blades crush and chop, while wide blades fold and aerate ingredients. The BREVILLE® Kinetix® Twist comes with five (5) task controls with pre-programmed settings for easy operation. The BREVILLE® Kinetix® Twist is easy to use, efficient, fast, and at a competitive price of only Php9,999.

Breville® Juice Fountain Max

Get your freshest fruit and veggie concoction in a jiffy, blend fast with the Breville® Juice Fountain Max. Serve healthy juice to visiting relatives without the chopping and slicing. Its chute is 25% larger to fit those humongous fruits, and get more juice with its patented feed tube and filter to get 20% more vitamins and minerals. Be healthy starting this holiday season with the BREVILLE®Juice Fountain Max, only at Php 9,300.

Welcome the holidays with a more radiant you

Did you know that Filipinos are known for celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve lavishly, with relatives and friends coming over for the merrymaking? During these kinds of reunion, people are sure to notice who has become even more blooming and beautiful, inside and out. This holiday season, be camera-ready and face everyone with a glowing aura and a healthy body.

To accomplish this, get enough rest, eat well and exercise. Aside from that, take health supplements that can aid you in achieving that youthful beauty, just in time for the holidays. Fine Japan Co. Ltd. has the perfect solution for you! HyC 150 is a supplemental drink that contains a combination of hyaluron, collagen and ubiquinol.

Hyaluron is a gel-like substance that acts as the body’s moisturizer. It lubricates the joints and tissues so you will feel no stiffness and pain when moving. It keeps the skin hydrated, and makes the hair strong and silky at the same time.

Collagen, on the other hand, provides structure and holds the whole body together. Though the body naturally produces collagen, we lose it as we age, resulting to saggy skin. To compensate for the lack of collagen, HyC 150 can provide the much needed amount of collagen for body tissue repair.

The third ingredient that makes this drink powerful is ubiquinol. This ingredient boosts the body’s energy and protects the body from environmental toxins by strengthening the immune system. It also prevents hair loss.

But that is not all as HyC 150 is fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. Be protected from several types of cancer with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that aids in making the immune system strong. Elastin, a protein found in the body’s connective tissue, helps in maintaining skin springiness and elasticity, while Biotin makes hair shiny and scalp healthy. Meanwhile, pearl coix can make the skin fairer and supple.

HyC150, a 2015 Monde Selection Gold awardee, has more potent ingredients compared to other brands. Take one sachet every day at P 125 per sachet and feel younger each day.

To enhance these healthy benefits, you can drink HyC 150 with other Fine Japan Co. Ltd.’s other products such as 100% Pure Organic Pearl Coix, Fine Turmeric Extract Powder and Fine Etiquette Rose.

100% Pure Organic Pearl Coix is a supplemental drink that contains only the purest ingredients of organic pearl coix extract powder. Pearl coix is said to be the secret behind the radiant skin of Japanese women. Say goodbye to acne, warts, blemishes, inflammation, and even infections like allergic dermatitis.  Aside from having radiant and supple skin, it makes the hair and nails shinier. It is a rich source of fiber which is needed for good digestion.

Fine Turmeric Extract Powder is a potent drink that has a pleasant smell and taste. Its main ingredient is turmeric, which helps the liver function properly. It is commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation, stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Turmeric is also an effective detoxifying agent that improves bowel movement and treats stomach bloating, diarrhea and intestinal gas. Other medicinal benefits include treatment of headaches, colds, bronchitis, fever, menstrual problems, urinary bladder inflammation and kidney problems.

Lastly, Fine Etiquette Rose is a health supplement that fights off unwanted body odor. Boost your confidence by smelling good with Fine Etiquette Rose! It contains oil extracted from Bulgarian damask roses, one of the best and precious sources of perfume oil since ancient times. The perfume oil is infused with organic ingredients like fermented rice germ and soybean oils that give the mixture natural deodorant properties. With just three capsules daily, you can get rid of any unpleasant odor and give off a fresh, irresistible smell that is sure to attract anyone.

As a special treat, get a free HyC 150 tumbler for every purchase of one box of HyC 150. Plus, get P500 off and an HyC 150 tote bag when you buy any four Fine Japan product.


Mahalagang Paalala: Ang 100% Pure Organic Pearl Coix ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.

For more information, visit; like us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02)546-7297, (02)861-6298, or 0917-7750779. Fine Japan products are available at Watsons stores nationwide, online at Lazada (, or at the HyC 150 online store with free delivery nationwide.