A Time for Recreation at Hannah’s Beach Resort

Have a time for a vacation and recreation with your family or relatives in a peaceful and wonderful beach resort in the North.



Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center is one of the newest tourist spot in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.


You can do and enjoy swimming, jumping, sightseeing, zip-line, boating and other adventure activities.



Feel the freshness of the water and air and the thrillness of the sands along the seashores.


A place for relaxation, recreation, meetings and other related activities depending to the needs and wants of tourists and guest.


Do you have a time for recreation with your family in Hannah’s Beach Resort these days?

Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) Home Loan Free Home Promo

The Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) just recently launched last February 28,  2013 of the Home Loan Free Home Promo held in Asian Institute Management Conference, Makati City.


PVB Chairman Robert De Ocampo and President & CEO Joey A. Bermudez
PVB Chairman Robert De Ocampo and President & CEO Joey A. Bermudez

20140228_061423The PVBs Home Loan Free Home Promo  is a promotion of their real estate housing loan product (with a loan term of 20 years) with a cash back guarantee at the end of the term

Joey A. Bermudez, President and CEO
Joey A. Bermudez,
President and CEO
Roberto F. de Ocampo, Chairman says that PVB also stands for Patriotism, Values & Bravery.
Roberto F. de Ocampo,
Chairman says that PVB also stands for Patriotism, Values & Bravery.

The Home Loan Free Home Promo is designed to entice homeowners to take up a housing loan with PVB and avail of the bank’s cash-back guarantee.

Successful PVB Home Loans borrowers can avail of a 20-year loan term with the guarantee of a 100% return of the principal loan as long as the borrower is able to meet the promo’s terms and conditions.

There are qualifications to consider to avail this promo as follows:

1. Homeowners with existing mortgages of at least twelve (12) months in other banks who are of good standing.

2.  New home-buyers including buyers of residential house and lots, townhouses, or condominiums.

3. Homeowners who wish to make major improvements or construction on their existing residential properties



The promo will run from March 1 to May 31, 2014. To be eligible for the promo, applications must be received within the promo period.

Besides, the interest rate is 8.25% p.a. repricing every 5 years with a loan able amount of up to 80% of the appraised value of collateral property (house and lot, condominium, townhouse) and up to 60% of the appraised value if the collateral property is a vacant lot.

Management of PVB
Management of PVB

The maximum term of the loan is 20 years provided the borrower is not over 65 years old upon loan maturity and the income requirement of the borrower  is with minimum of Php40,000 per month for single and married with no dependents for every P1.0M loan.

In addition with, the processing of the loan will take a loan approval of 7-10 days working days for Metro Manila, Bulacan, and CALABARZON. For outside of these areas, targeted loan approval is within 15 days but is subject to several factors including accessibility, availability of both credit appraiser and loan applicant, among others.

The borrower will also need to pay fees such as application fee, processing fee, notarial fee, MRI & Fire Insurance Premium and Registration & Cancellation fees.

For complete list of requirements, go to www.pvbhomeloans.com or you may call us at (02) 857-3800 or (02) 902-1600. You may also email us at freehome@veteransbank.com.ph