Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu Tops Hot New Destinations List in 2013, According to Google, CNN

The New Filipino-owned Swiss Hotel, Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu is the second most Googled destination in the Philippines, according to Google’s 2013 year-in-review search list. As first reported on CNN, the Zeitgeist is Google’s year-ender report and lists the hottest travel destinations by country.

Top: Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu; Bottom: Tubbataha Reef in Puerto Princesa and Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, respectively.

The annual Google report captures the trends and interests of people all over the world, including new favorites among Filipinos.

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay and Tubbataha Reef in Puerto Princesa were ranked the first and the third respectively. Pico de Loro, Tugawe Cove Resort, Potipot Island, Amana Waterpark, Misibis Bay, Nuvali and Laiya resorts rounded up the ten spots that Filipinos were most interested in learning more about.

Manny H. Osmena, owner of the two-year old Mӧvenpick was thrilled to hear about the results. “When my General Manager told me about the great news, I was so happy. It Is a gift from God to be recognized for the complete transformation of the property, as well as the transformation of the food and beverage service. We welcome visitors who are curious about the resort and aim to give them a great experience with the unique ambience of Mӧvenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.”

Google No 2
Sky Ranch in Tagaytay; Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu and Tubbataha Reef in Puerto Princesa

Interesting amenities and offers at the resort include the Ibiza Beach Club reminiscence of the club atmosphere in the Spanish island. Guests could watch gorgeous views of the sunset as they enjoy the Balearic-stye churrasco capped by the world-famous Mӧvenpick Swiss Ice cream. Guests could also order the same premium coffee served in Mӧvenpick Hotels in Paris, Zurich and Berlin. The outdoor performance venue shoes exciting Latin dance numbers, fire exhibition dancers and Las Vegas style performances four to five nights a week produced by our in-house artists under the direction of the entertainment director hailing from Majorca, Spain Paco Beltran. Meanwhile special occasions culminate in a special fireworks display over the beach from the rooms, views of the aqua colored waters and the seamlessly constructed boardwalk made from ironwood look pristine and serene. Guests pamper themselves with the finest bath sets imported from the luxury brand Chopard. To begin and end the journey is a luxury hotel car service: a Porsche Cayenne, which provides visitors a full-circle experience of excellence and elegance they won’t forget.

The above qualities of Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu make it a place for a great and luxurious stay. The traits of this place have fueled the Filipino traveler’s interest in making Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu his destination of choice in 2013 and beyond.

Great Travel Suggestions about What to Do in Atlanta

The Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta is famous globally for the number of moving passenger every day. It is probably one of the busiest airports. The profound Southern roots of the city are evident from what it has to offer, and to add to it, the city is no less of a modern metropolis either with entertainment, good food, and world-class attractions. Below you would find out some of the greatest suggestions about all that you can do in Atlanta:


The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the latest attractions of Atlanta and there is a very preliminary reason for you to go visit this one – it is the largest aquarium in the whole world. The main activity that you can engage yourself in here is going underwater! You are in for a magnificent view that is going to remain one of the best-est memories ever! Only divers are allowed to get inside the tunnel of Ocean Voyager exhibit. You get to see more than 50 exhibits that showcase the wide range of marine life. These include gigantic whale sharks, playful belugas and otters, and some ethereal jellyfish.

World of Coca-Cola


The “headache remedy” from the 1800s by Dr. John S. Pemberton was never expected to be the most recognized beverage in the world. Visit the gallery where you can taste free samples of the 63 kinds of beverages that are marketed by Coca-Cola in countries all around the world. Find out facts about the history of Coca-Cola and walk through their galleries that are specially designed to exhibit the advertising campaigns and the bottling processes.

Inside CNN Studio Tour


The world headquarter of the news channel that is followed by the world over, CNN Center, offers visitors a view into the news production techniques. The tour starts with the world’s longest escalator that is freestanding; you can take a ride in it. You can even try “cold reading” the news inside Studio 7E. You can watch a live newscast in front of you. Also, you can check out the control room of the station during the studio tour where the staff gives you real-time directions and explanations of the technology that has been used.

High Museum of Art

The architecture of the building Renzo Piano and Richard Meier will catch your attention right at the beginning, but there are many more marvels that wait inside. The curatorial department that is devoted entirely to folk art is a must-visit. The High Museum is primarily famous for the great collection in American art from the 19th and 20th century. There are artworks over 12,000 in number that are the museum’s permanent collection. These include works by Auguste Rodin, Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Robert Rauschenberg.

The Fox Theatre

The designs of this magnificent landmark date back to the 1920s. This used to be the Yaraab Temple Shrine Mosque back then, opulent and royal. Presently, the mosque turned Theatre has become of the most loved places in Atlanta that presents various theatrical shows by the biggie Broadway.

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