Last October 22, 2010, my employer (other group of companies) requested me to make a budget proposal for the expenses needed in having an internet connection which is either a wired or wireless Local Area Network (LAN) from their previous room (where the dsl and router installed) to their new area or office room. It is not advisable then to tranfer the dsl connection and wireless & wired router because the’re still users who will be connecting in the network. The existing wifi of their PCs are also can’t  access to the wireless network because of obstructions like walls that can greatly reduce their range.
In preparation for the budget, I have to consider the area or location, speed or bandwidth of DSL applied, cost and quantity and quality of materials that will be use and of course the flexibility & convience of the users.
The budget proposal that I have made for the Local Area Network (LAN) internet connection is with details as follows:
Option 1 – Wired Local Area Network (LAN) Internet Connection
Users 1 & 2 requires a 93 meters UTP Cable-Digilink (Branded) with a cost of one thousand six hundred sixty pesos (Php.1,660.00) and 4 pieces RJ-45 with a cost of forty pesos (Php.40.00). Option 1 requires a total budgeted cost of one thousand seven hundred pesos (Php.1,700.00).Option 2 – Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Internet Connection

It requires a 35 meters UTP Cable-Digilink (Branded) for a cost of seven hundred pesos (Php.700.00), 2 pieces RJ-45 with a cost of twenty pesos (Php.20.00) and 1 set Access Point (Wireless-Linksys) with a cost of two thousand nine hundred (Php.2,900.00), more or less. Option 2 requires a total budgeted  cost of three thousand six hundred thirty pesos (Php.3,630.00), more or less.Which is better – wired or wireless? The statement(wired vs wireless) below summarizes the main criteria we’ve considered in this blog. If you are very cost-conscious, need maximum performance of your home or small office system, and don’t care much about mobility, then a wired Ethernet LAN is probably right for you.If on the other hand, cost is less of an issue, you like being an early adopter of leading-edge technologies, and you are really concerned about the task of wiring your home or small business with Ethernet cable, then you should certainly consider a wireless LAN.

Wired vs Wireless

For wired LAN, installation is moderate difficulty; cost is less expensive, reliability is high reasonably; performance is very good; security is reasonably good and mobility is limited.

On the other hand, wireless LAN, installation is easier but beware interference; cost is more expensive; reliability is high; performance is good; security is reasonably good and its mobility is outstanding.

For the management, I will suggest that  Option 1-Wired LAN is preferable in terms of connection which has a very good performance and cost is less expensive.

But still, the decision is upon the descretion of the management on which LAN connection they will prefer and best suitable to their networking requirements.


In this century, the technology is rising, growing and innovating in the whole world. Even before and today we can buy or shop our basic needs without going to the malls, retails and other business establishments or organizations through online shopping.

Yesterday, Banco De Oro (BDO) has delivered me a BDO Virtual Card for online shopping purposes only. After receiving it, I think many times if I will use the card or not. Since, I am a new blogger who is willing to be train and be familiarize in online services or related Internet matters may be I can use the card with a purpose only. What I mean is spending using the card for a good reason. In fact, it is my desire to save more money for my future and I really want to bring back more to God what He has given to me for His glory.

By the way, just to inform the readers about the features of the BDO Virtual Card is with details as follows:

1. It is a credit card designed exclusively for use in the Internet.

2. I has a diffirent card number from the regular BDO credit card to protect the regular card number and credit line.

3. It’s is like a supplementary card that is linked to the BDO credit card account.

4. Adjustable credit line lets you define your limit according to your online purchasing needs.

5. No Annual Membership Fee. It’s free with the regular BDO credit card.

Obviously, those who has a regular BDO credit card can only avail the BDO Virtual Card.