Nowadays, using the internet is considered as a necessity in the activities of every person for every single day. Internet is actively used in homes, schools, offices, parks, malls and other public or private places wherever the hot spots are located.

Last October 2010, I purchased D-LINK DIR-100 ETHERNET BROADBAND ROUTER amounting to One Thousand pesos, more or less, which is need for home basic networking here in our boarding house. I appreciated my tenant for allowing me to share in their Smart Bro broadband charging me  thirty percent (30%) of the monthly billing.


A. Share Internet Connection With Built-In 4-Port Switch

B. Advanced Firewall & Security

C. Advanced Scheduling And User Level Control

D. VPN Passthrough Support Of PPTP, L2TP And IPsec

E. Setup Wizard For Quick Installation

F. DHCP Server/Client To Connect

G. Multiple Computers To The Internet UPnP Support

It is favorable for me to have the router for internet connection which I needed in my daily activities such as blogging, research, facebook, online games, online reviews and others.


Having a new part-time job is  another opportunity  to share my abilities, skills and ideas. It is not really about the just compensation that I will be receiving of, but the quality of work that I will be rendering to my employer having the right attitude as a believer.

It is my desire to balance the aspects in my life in terms of church, family, employer, friends, relatives and other related personal matters. I believe that there are no things that could hinder my schedules. If there will be a time that obstacles will come, then, I have to face and consult it to my Counselor.

To be updated in taxation, accounting and other related business matters are necessary for the operation of its every business establishment and other institutions or organizations. My role as a part-time bookkeeper is to update all necessary documents and to comply the requirements of every related government agencies in the country. 

As a rule, whether a sole proprietor, partnership and corporation has no income or operation, the owner or management of its company are still oblige to comply the requirements in the government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (for individual), Securities and Exchange Commission (for partnership & corporations), respective Barangays, Municipalities and Cities), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other related agencies, unless the company have applied and approved for its retirement of business operations. Compliance is needed to avoid payment of penalties, fines, compromise, surcharges and interest.

Thus, compliance is necessary for every companies in a business community and a balance of the different aspects in life is also important for every person.