SM Consortium Confident to Win Light Rail Single Ticketing Project

SM Consortium, led by SM Investments Corp. with members BDO Capital and Investment Corp., Advanced Card Systems Ltd. and Penta Capital Investment Corp., is confident of a favorable result in the ongoing financial evaluation of the MRT/LRT Automated Fare Collection System Project.


“With no cost to the government to build and modernize the ticketing system and a one-time concession fee of One Billion Eighty Eight Million pesos P1,088,000,000 to be paid to the government unconditionally, we believe that our proposal is most advantageous to the government and the riding public,” said Norman T. Pe, senior vice president of Penta Capital.


The Department of Transportation and Communication is now evaluating the proposals of the three bidders– AF Consortium led by BPI, SM Consortium and Comworks Berjaya Consortium – which passed the technical proposal stage.


“SM, the country’s largest retail chain, will be able to maximize the potential of this innovation through the wide retail acceptance and other applications,”added Denny Wong, chairman of Advanced Card Systems Ltd of Hongkong.


The winning bidder will be announced before Dec. 24, 2013 and notice to proceed is expected to be issued in the third week of January 2014.  

Various Applications On iPhone For a Safe Travel

There are various types of applications, which you can select from the iPhone that are related for the travel purpose. It is not possible to search the net every time when you are travelling. The iPhone is a very handy device, which you can use anywhere when you require it. For this reason, there are a large number of striking applications in iPhone which are related to the travel. If you plan to travel somewhere, then you can use the iPhone, which is a convenient way for getting the information of the places when you are waiting in the airport. Your iPhone can turn out to be your travel agent, translator and guide. Some of the applications which will help while you will travel are:

Trip It

It is a very useful application available in iPhone for successfully planning your travel. It is similar to the hugely popular Facebook app, and it brings a lot of information about various places. You will just have to click the application for getting the instant access to the various travel plans. This app can become your guide if you send the email with all your travel plans to their website. From that instant, you will have a full schedule about your travel plans, given that your iPhone is with you. A major advantage of this app is that, it is completely free.

Flight Track Pro

This app will provide you with the complete information as well as visuals for the personal travel schedule. You will not require re-typing the information on your flights frequently, and it is also not required to subscribe for an extra service. You just need to connect with this app and you can get all the information. You will also able to access some extra features such as viewing the weather radar, forecast any flight delays, search the schedules of international flights, and getting the status of your flight. This app will also offer you with additional information like flight tracking, departure and arrival and the weather delays. This app comes with a reasonable price which you can afford easily.


This type of app will let you choose your preferred location, or you can also search your existing location with the help of GPS for your accessibility. You just have to shake your phone, or you can touch the button, and you will be rewarded with a choice according to your standards with the help of machine graphic.

Translate It

This type of app is very simple, sophisticated and stylish for the multi-lingual translation.  Even though, there are many applications available for the translation, this app stand out because it is very easy to use, and hence it is very much popular. The method is very easy. You only have to select the language which you would prefer to have as your primary language. After that, you have to input the required phrase in the given textbox. Then, you will receive the phrase immediately.

These are some of the attractive travel apps for the iPhone, which will help you a lot if you decide to travel somewhere along with your family and friends.

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