“Zoomer X” Zooms Out on Honda “Thanks Day”

Honda Philippines, Inc. just recently launched last January 26, 2014 the future (HPI) Zoomer X motorbikes at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall in Pasay City.



The Honda Zoomer X is a product concept that combines “future, trendy, economic, and steady model.” With this innovative line of outstanding and performance-packed motorcycles further strengthens its motorbike line-up and will serve it in good stead as its increase in volume its share in the scooter category.



Besides, it is definitely for this day’s sensational brand of Pinoy riders: built for design and performance to bring out that extreme riding experience, that extraordinary thrill to take your lifestyle for a revolution.



The Honda Zoomer X is a truly must-have motorcycle unit that you can take anywhere and drive any way you want to because of its design and futuristic octagon-shaped headlight, an inverted Front Shock with upside-down shock absorbers for optimal cornering and stability ( the first in its category), a powerful and fuel efficient PGM Fi110cc engine, a flexible U-box compartment, and 12-inch tubeless tires for better absorption and cornering confidence.


The official launch of the Honda Zoomer X with the Executives of Honda Philippines.

A scooter designed for every family member, the Honda Zoomer X comes in Nitric Orange and Textites Black Metallic, and hit HPIs wide network of partner-dealers in the country.

This event also commemorates’ Honda’s 40th anniversary and 4 millionth unit production milestones.

The “Thanks Day” event also featured the arrival of more than 100 bikers who participated in the “Great Northen Tour,” an epic ride from Manila to Baguio and back that will test the fuel efficiency, toughness and performance of Honda’s various motorcycle units like the Honda CB110s, Honda XRMs, the BeAT and the Wave Dash.

Wave Dash
Wave Dash
Honda BeAt
Honda BeAt
Honda Zoomer-X
Honda Zoomer-X 
Honda Helmet
Honda Helmet

 “Thanks Day” is also Honda’s way of thanking its loyal customers and their families and partner-dealers for putting their trust and confidence on Honda motorcycles, either for business or personal use.

Please visit http://www.hondaph.com/ to know more about the Honda Zoomer X.

Remember Friendster? Here is an update

Friendster can justifiably claim its numero uno position as far as starting a hitherto unknown enterprise, the social media network. Pretenders as well serious contenders entered the fray soon after and grew by leaps and bounds leaving Friendster far behind.


Not that it collapsed altogether. It goes around as a social gaming platform and still has a significant presence in South-east Asia. This is perhaps only to be expected. It, after all, originated in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. However an analysis as to why it took a beating at the hands of rivals like the gargantuan Facebook is in order.

The History

Founded in 2002, it predates Myspace by one year and FaceBook by two years. In 2011, it had a base of 115 million users. But, it experienced technical problems in 2009. The site also saw a design change. It is not exactly known why but the site was forced to see a lot of desertions. Coupled with less and less new registrations, the depleting fan base caused the site to curl up and die. People simply were not impressed by Friendster and left it well alone. When you consider the fact that Google was ready to pay $30 million in a buyout plan in 2003, you cannot but only sigh.


How has this come about?

In Zurich is the Swiss Federal Institute of technology and there work David Garcia and friends. These gents collected data that were recorded prior to the collapse and analyzed the data threadbare using digital parameters.

In their opinion, the exodus from Friendster to other social networks began when the adherents realized that they were not getting enough benefits viz-a-viz the time and efforts they were putting in. In a sort of chain reaction, if one left the network, the others connected with his account followed suit. It was not long before the network saw dwindling strength.

However, Garcia and co point out something that has helped Friendster maintain status quo with members it still had in its stable after many a horse had fled. Many friends of friends who had left had chosen to stay back in many cases. So all was not lost. Unless the cost-to-benefit ratio drops to such a level to make a large number of individuals leave, it is reasonable to believe that the existing members will remain with the website. Garcia says that the outflow started some three months prior to collapse and this was caused by the dramatic drop in the cost-to-benefit ratio.

The technical glitches and redesigning have come into focus again. One is reminded of Digg, the social news aggregator which like Friendster attempted design changes which had its effect on the cost-to-benefit ratio. The now burgeoning social media sites like FaceBook and the nascent Google+ may be covertly jittery about their prospects in the light of what happened to Friendster. Friendster’s death might have helped them learn a lesson or two about their survival. So Friendster has not only evacuated the crowded social media space but has also taught them a lesson for free.

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Naomi Stillinger has managed to write a great review on Panasonic Lumix digital cameras that went viral on the web for the way things were described and paying attention to the details. She also has over 8 years of experience in managing online reputation for brands.