Your Sweet Chill This Summer

Chill… Chill out….
These connote positive thoughts such as relaxation, hanging out, and having fun. And such a word is appropriate this season, because “to chill” is the best thing to do this summer.

The heat of summer provides more reasons to celebrate life—it gives you more ways to enjoy and relax. On top of the list is hitting the beach. It’s the best time of the year to enjoy the wonders of the country’s islands and explore its magnificence. Bonding with family and friends or your special someone can make the experience even more enjoyable.

With summer comes the scorching sun and for those who would like to enjoy the sunshine with less heat, best option is to head off to the mountains of the Cordilleras and take pleasure in the summer breeze. Trek, hike, harvest strawberries, or simply tour around the City of Pines—take your pick!

Meanwhile, those who are out of budget for an out-of-town getaway can always go on a “staycation” mode. How about a barbecue party? With less chances of rain, the season is apt for any outdoor activity at home like barbecuing where you can marinade the best meat you can buy and grill your way to fun, gastronomic, bonding.

Whatever your escapades may be, the real objective is to relax and make the best memories out of your summer adventures. It is also important to make sure that every activity is perfectly paired with refreshment that guarantees chill this summer.

“We believe there’s a reason to celebrate life every day. The beauty and warmth that summer gives are more than enough to be happy about life. This is why we bring the perfect companion for making every moment this summer even more special,” says Von de Torres, Managing Director at Emperador Distillers.

Emperador Distillers brings Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and bursting with flavor and aroma. It has layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavor creating a different kind of sweetness.

According to De Torres, Rossi Sweet Red is perfect for the summer season. “While one may be hesitant to have wine during hot days, Rossi Sweet Red isn’t your regular kind of wine. It is best consumed ‘on-the-rocks.’”

Rossi on-the-rocks unleashes the best taste in Rossi Sweet Red where the ice brings out the flavor and makes for a smoother finish. It doesn’t compromise the taste and even brings out the best in wine. Even when the ice melts, the taste stays perfect allowing you to savor the sweetness in real red wine.

Because of its different kind of sweetness, Rossi Sweet Red can be perfectly paired with any kind of food. “Whether you are out on the beach having some fresh fruits, or feasting on grilled food, or at home munching on chips, Rossi Sweet Red is perfect company for your sweet chill,” concludes De Torres.


Getting into debt can happen to anyone; sometimes you may fee like you’ll  never clear your outstanding debts to get back to normal. But with a little commitment and proper planning it is possible to clear your debts. You need not pay for a debt consolidation plan or councilors to settle your debt; you can do it by yourself. Here are some effective ways that help you to reduce your debt: 

Estimates your debts:Have a look on all your credit reports, do some paper work and write down debt balances with their interest rates and work on it. If you owe multiple debts do the same all your debts. Calculate the total amount on your debts.

Contact your creditors to negotiate: If you owe credit card debt and unable to manage then call your creditors to negotiate. Also try to transfer your outstanding balance from higher interest credit cards to lower interest credit cards. You can even research online to find a lender who gives an introductory card with no interest.

Create a plan: Prepare a plan to reduce your debt, this is an important step and helps you to save lots of your money; this could be the easiest way to eliminate your debt.

Follow your budget: Once you prepare a plan, which includes your goals, you can then start building a budget that really fits your income. Always be realistic in preparing it and stick to your budget.

Save money for future: You may forget to care for your emergencies and just think about reducing your debts; remember don’t let emergencies to control your life. Allot some funds to your savings, if you’re unable to find  any resources to meet your emergencies you can take payday loans to have relief from such bad times.

Use credit card wisely: Follow these tips to reduce your credit card debt

* Try to reduce your outstanding balance by paying more than minimum amount required, this way you can reduce your credit card debt.

* Make extra payments towards your bills so that it can reduce your bills.

Control your expenses: Stop impulse buying and note down where your income is going, make certain adjustments in your budget and avoid unnecessary spending. Make extra payments; try other alternatives to earn more.

Use debt reduction strategies: Implement the following debt reduction strategies to clear your debts fast.

* Debt snowball: With this approach you start paying off the debts starting right from the smallest balance to the largest balance.

* Debt Avalanche: With this approach you start paying off the debts that has high interest first and then paying the next high interest debt.


A tech writer from UK.