Mall-goers enjoyed an all-day bash at the Converse Block Party. The party, inspired by the Fourth of July block parties in the U. S. told the story of the iconic Converse shoe brand: the activities included street games, basketball-skateboard-and-dance exhibitions, graffiti art, spray-painting, musical performances and a raffle for fun and fabulous prizes.
FACE PAINTING isn’t only for kids: This partygoer went for the Skeletor look. Q-YORK work it on the turntables.
“The Converse Block Party is a global activity, In fact, Singapore and Vietnam and Australia have already finished their block parties. The activities at our party were chosen as a way of telling the story of Converse. That’s why we have basketball, skating, music, dance and other street activities.
“Converse is the very first shoe brand to be synonymous with basketball. Beginning way back in the 1930s, Converse was the first basketball shoe to land the basketball court and became the standard issue basketball shoes for professional, college and high school teams.
“The Converse brand has evolved through the years. From basketball, it became a favorite skaters. Then when young people adapted street fashion, Converse became a lifestyle brand. That’s why we are known for offering a variety of styles in many vibrant colors and hip designs. Converse comes out with more than 200 new designs every season,” says Kit Santos, Converse Philippines Marketing Manager.
Converse is a much-loved, long-established leader in casual street-wear. The shoe brand is more than a hundred years old. In the Philippines, it’s been around for about just as long. It’s already more than footwear: it’s already a cultural icon in the U. S. the Philippines and around the world.


GIANT CHUCKS – These giant Chuck Taylors were a crowd favorite, with partygoers taking turns posing with them for photos.
DJ SANYA SMITH got everyone moving to the beat.



KAT ALANO radiated beauty with coolness during the Converse Block Party.


It also happens that the Converse Block Party included activities that Filipinos from all walks of life enjoy. Every community in the Philippines has a basketball court, big or small. That’s why the block party included basketball exhibition games and shooting competitionsm as well as other basketball-related contests that give away exciting prizes.
Members of various college basketball teams arrived to give exhibition games. These included De Lasalle, San Sebastian and EAC.
SAN SEBASTIAN COLLEGE, ARELLANO UNIVERSITY face-off in a friendly exhibition game that quickly got serious, much to the crowd’s excitement.
DLSU and MAPUA displayed their hoop skills and displayed top-notch collegiate basketball.
There was also a celebrity basketball game featuring Carlos Agassi and other stars.
“STAR” PLAYERS — Actor Carlos Agassi and fellow celebrities provided a star-studded basketball game of intense half-court play.
THE CELEBRITY HOOP STARS gave their all during their exhibition game and showed what it means to play hard while remaining good sports.
Besides basketball, skateboarding is also featured in the event. Skaters had the chance to do their own thing during the Open Skate session. They learned old and new skateboarding tricks during a Skate Clinic that was open to all who were interested.
SKATERS had a great time flashing their moves during the Open Skate session.
Beatbox Philippines, the countries premier beatbox group, showed off their amazing skills onstage. It was amazing to hear drumbeats, “scratch” sounds and other electronic, synthesized music produced from their mouths and throats.
BEATBOX PHILIPPINES were show-stoppers, leaving the audience too awed for words–how could electronic beats and synthesized riffs come out from a human mouth? To hear is to believe.
Then the Philippine All-Stars electrified the crowd with their cool dance moves that brought hip-hop and street dance to a whole new level. They even gave a hip-hop dance clinic to a party participants.
PHILIPPINE ALL-STARS are hands-down the best hip hop dance group around–and with two World Hip Hop Dance Championship victories, who will doubt it?
KRUMPINOY are the pioneers of the Krump street dance style–and they owned the crowd during their performance.
Throughout the event, visual artists created some cool graffiti and chalk art. There was also a 3D video viewing room, where partygoers watch a 3D presentation of Converse being used by famous skaters.
GRAFFITI ART comes alive with some street attitude during the Converse Block Party.
Popular bands Gloc 9 with Pointblanc and Callalily played later in the evening, much to the delight of the crowd, and a perfect way to culminate the event.
MASTER RAPPER GLOC-9 amazes the audience with his signature machine gun wordplay.
CALLALILY ROCK THE HOUSE with their distinct OPM sound that blends Pinoy Rock with Pop.
The Converse Block Party was the perfect send-off, the best hurrah for the summer to celebrate friendship, great memories, Life and Freedom – and more than a hundred years of Converse being a fashion icon and an integral part of Philippine culture.
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