Best Ever My Super Plan for Business: creating more value for SMEs Subscription enables contributions to the Globe Bangon Pinoy initiative

Globe Business is further strengthening its partnerships with small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to grow their trade by way of enhancing its current offers through the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business,” bannering a complete range of features and services  which could be tailor-fit according to their requirements.

The “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business” enables SMEs to create a subscription based on the specific communication needs of their organization – whether they are call-intensive, text-heavy or online-dependent for their commerce. They can have a plan start to work for them by choosing one suitable for a monthly budget. It automatically comes with a consumable value – higher than the actual plan value – which can be converted to call, text, IDD or surfing credits.

The rest of the monthly consumable can be allocated to avail of the latest gadgets that double as reliable and multi-functional business tools. They come in free or at a discount, in flexible contract periods.

Globe Business is further strengthening its partnerships with small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to grow their trade by way of enhancing its current offers through the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business”
Globe Business is further strengthening its partnerships with small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to grow their trade by way of enhancing its current offers through the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business”

Best of all, the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business” enhances any subscription through boosters with “unli” services, such as unlimited text, calls or a combination of both; unlimited Duo; and unlimited or power surfing; among many others for a minimal top-up fee. Plans are available in affordable postpaid and prepaid variants.

Globe Business Senior Vice President for Small and Medium Enterprises Group Martha Sazon explained that the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business” focuses on the premise of customization, cost-effectiveness and creating more value for SMEs so that they can effectively roll out their businesses in terms of communications.

“Following the winning formula of the ‘Best Ever My Super Plan’ for consumers, we believe that this will translate to the same value offers for our SMEs which are actually more than what they paid for,” Sazon pointed out.

As an early Christmas treat for new subscribers, “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business” enrollees within the month of December for Plans P499 and higher will receive a P200-gift certificate, plus they get the chance to take part in nation rebuilding as Globe will donate P100 on their behalf through the telco’s enterprise wide response for Typhoon Yolanda victims, Bangon Pinoy. This can be availed in all Globe Stores nationwide.

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About the Small and Medium Business Group of Globe (SG):  It is the primary enabler of small and medium business enterprises, delivering solutions that create competitive advantage. Backed by strong leadership and a world class network, it empowers SMBs every step of the way, through solutions that are anticipated and delivered the way they want them. 

About Bangon Pinoy: It is the Globe Telecom enterprise-wide disaster response initiative that aims to have a unified system for donations, relief efforts and corporate social responsibility programs across products and services. It is an integrated program that allows communities devastated by calamities to benefit from various efforts geared towards rebuilding and rehabilitation, first introduced by Globe in 2009 after Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng wreaked havoc in the country.  

Night market shopping made more pleasurable at Tutuban Center

Of course, the shopping centers everyone knows should cater to consumers’ shopping needs regardless of the season. But then again, it’s almost Christmas time and definitely, shoppers look for a 360-degree shopping experience, where the store should offer not only the best products money can buy but also a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable shopping experience.

This goes particularly well for those whose kind of bonding fix is into a night-shopping frenzy in the company of other late-night shoppers. For them, it’s always a joy to see the shopping center carry a wide array of goodies substantial enough to meet their Christmas check list, of high quality and absolute affordability.


Then why don’t you try Tutuban Center’s Night Market, an exciting shopping alternative that opens after regular mall hours? As soon as dusk settles, see for yourself an outstanding array of affordable goodies that fit everyone’s budget being rolled out and ready to be peddled to waiting customers.

Toys, novelty items, fun and fashionable accessories, gadgets and gizmos, home furnishings, apparel—you name it, Tutuban Center Night Market most likely has it, and probably much, much more.


And you’ll be glad to know that even if it’s a frenzied night-shopping scene, trust that the security and protection of shoppers is at its peak and will be the least of your worries while shopping at the Tutuban Center Night Market.

Safety and security measures, which include both uniformed and plainclothes security personnel plus CCTV cameras, are in place to provide utmost protection to shoppers, while a 7-storey parking building is available that can accommodate hundreds of vehicles so shoppers can do their shopping thing worry-free and leisurely.

Of course, Tutuban Center is not just about the night market alone as it boasts of other attractions where you can enjoy precious time with friends or the entire family. You can chill and settle at Tutuban’s “Foodstreet” to fill your tummy to your heart’s delight with their delectable and mouth-watering servings of popular Pinoy food and other appetizing Asian delicacies.


You can also exercise to your heart’s delight at “Sports Track” for your regular fitness regimen, marvel at Tutuban Virtual Zoo and its exceptional collection of 3-D pictures featuring kids’ favorite zoo animals in breath-taking and life-like realism, or enjoy a night’s stay at Orion Hotel, the newest hotel in the block.  Located at the 3rd level of Primeblock Building, Orion Hotel features well-appointed guestrooms at very affordable prices for weary shoppers who wish to rest their tired bodies.

Shopping this Christmas time—or any other time—is made more exciting at Tutuban Center, so come on in and have some great fun!