In the year 2006, Gong Cha was first introduced in Kaohsiung, Taiwan which offers the best tea to the Emperor from all possessions of China in the ancient time. Eventually, has expanded its stores over 100 outlets worldwide from Taiwan to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and China.

Moreover, Gong Cha is tea fit for royalty. A combination of the characters “gong” (貢) which means reward or contribution and “cha” (茶) referring to the tea plant.

Amidst of the challenges and as part of the company’s growth, businessmen has decided to expand its outlet in the Philippines, the “Gong Cha Philippines” and in fact the first outlet is located at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines. Gong Cha is in the process in expanding its second branch at SM North EDSA.

Gong Cha sets the highest standard when choosing materials, and takes the most severe attitude in quality control in order to provide the best tea with the most considerate services to the customers.

The management insist on choosing materials that are healthy to people, and use Taiwanese fresh tea to make every beverage. In order to control quality severely, even though the liquid tea doesn’t go bad, they throw it away every 4 hours. Every beverage is tailored for the customers and is made by well trained people.

This month of May 2011, Gong Cha finally opened its doors to the market introducing the best milk tea ever to the Philippines.

During the event, the management has recommended  three (3) ways to taste Gong Cha Exclusively with details as  follows:

  1. Drink with your mouth! Feel the tea going though our specially made foam.
  2. Use the straw to taste the original tea.
  3. Mix the foam & tea. Feel the splendid texture of the mixture!

In fact, Gong Cha also offers beverages blended with coffee, chocolate, caramel, and milk. Aside from that, Gong Cha offers drinks with ice cream and even Yakult to the customers.

To know more about the products and  more than just a tea of “Gong Cha” that offers to the customers and interested parties may visit the following links:

Website: http://gongcha.ph / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gongcha.ph

Twitter: http://twitter.com/gongchaphil / E-mail: contact at gongcha.ph