Cheap Oboe Reeds

No time for making your own reeds like oboists usually do?

Tired of endless chore of scraping your own reeds to achieve your desired tone and response?

Well, creating perfect reeds requires one year of practice and it is often not advisable for the beginners to dwell on creating their own.

No need to worry! There are dozens of oboe-makers selling their products online. You just need to be cautious because finding those oboes are easy but choosing the right cheap oboe reeds for you is not.  Besides, it is not only affordable  but a quality woodwind musical instrument.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen for Him or Her

Just recently received a Parker Jotter Ballpoint pen on the go and cool accessory with its ballpoint nib, offers exceptional durability and ease, coupled with an iconic clip and streamlined design.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen


Parker Quicl Flow Refill  – Black Fine Nib is innovative product for Parker Ballpoint ever.

Quick Flow Refill for Ballpoint - Black Fine Nib
Parker Quick Flow Refill for Ballpoint – Black Fine Nib & Parker Ballpoint Pen



George Safford Parker established the Parker Pen Company. Parker Pen reduced ink leakage with a large refill.

It was 1954 when Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen emerged and the first quality ballpoint pen with a large refill.