Trying your luck with a broken leaf spring? Bad idea!

Imagine treading on a road that’s truly unforgiving: uneven, winding and sometimes slippery, and a steep, rocky mountainside where one wrong calculation will send you and your vehicle down a deep ravine full of boulders—and nothing else.

Worse, you’ve got one tire punctured by a sharp piece of rock and broken leaf springs. Since you’re high up in the mountains, it would take a long time before replacement parts get to you. You can decide to go on with your trip, but prepare to suffer the consequences. You chose to continue and luckily, you survived the trip.

But as they say, you can’t always rely on luck. Smart decision-making before embarking on a trip—dangerous or not—which means checking the vehicle thoroughly, particularly important parts like the leaf spring, will make your trip not only pleasurable and comfortable but most of all, safe.

When it comes to leaf springs, as advised by many trusted mechanics, it would be best to choose one that guarantees comfort, convenience, reliability and safety. And these are what you get—and more—when you choose the Tiger Flexiride leaf spring made by local leaf spring maker Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corp. (Roberts AIPMC).

Tiger Flexiride Leaf Spring
Tiger Flexiride Leaf Spring

Best known for introducing the reliable and tested Tiger Leaf Spring brand in the philippines that is made using top-notch German equipment and technology known in Europe for more than a century already, Roberts AIPMC knows that specific drivers have distinctive needs when it comes to meeting their driving experience. This is why they introduced the Tiger Flexiride to the local market.

The Tiger Flexiride Leaf spring, re-engineered to assure vehicle owners of superior driving comfort for a flawless, comfortable and enjoyable ride, also provides unmatched durability and flexibility every time you bring your vehicle out on the road. Conforming to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) standards of the best global automotive brands out there like Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Toyota Motors Philippines, Star Motors philippines and Isuzu Motors Philippines, Tiger Flexiride promises substantial improvement in driving comfort and overall riding and driving experience.

A major feature of the Tiger Flexiride is its 25%-30% upgrade that enables a softer ride than the original OEM leaf spring. But never doubt the “softer” tag; since it possesses the same qualities of its more popular predecessor, the Tiger Flexiride still has the ability to keep proper vehicle posture so that the vehicle is level and stable each time, thereby ensuring absolute safety for passengers regardless of road conditions and rough driving environment.

This is because the Tiger Flexiride is made out of OEM-approved raw materials that assure customers of its superior quality and safety. Manufacturing follows stringent OEM standard processing parameters, and even quality testing is extensive so that each Tiger Flexiride leaf spring that goes out to the market is absolutely safe to use.

Name any test you can think of, like for fatigue, hardness, shot peening and load test; all these are done on each Tiger Flexiride leaf spring during the manufacturing stage so that when it comes out of production and eventually reaches the market, you know you are using a quality product.

Roberts AIPMC is an ISO 9001 certified company that started doing business in 1993, the time that they introduced Tiger Leaf Spring together with Evercool radiators, two of the most trusted brands in the automotive industry today. It manufactures a full range of leaf spring models – from conventional multi-leaf spring to the parabolic type, the only one in the country able to do so.

Still relying on luck to pull you through out of a tough vehicular situation? Never rely on it or on your vehicle’s worn-out (or even surplus) leaf spring to bring you to your destination in one piece. Get a trusted and quality replacement leaf spring like Tiger Flexiride fast before your luck runs out.

For more information about Tiger Flexiride Leaf Spring and other quality brands from Roberts AIMPC, visit

Night market shopping made more pleasurable at Tutuban Center

Of course, the shopping centers everyone knows should cater to consumers’ shopping needs regardless of the season. But then again, it’s almost Christmas time and definitely, shoppers look for a 360-degree shopping experience, where the store should offer not only the best products money can buy but also a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable shopping experience.

This goes particularly well for those whose kind of bonding fix is into a night-shopping frenzy in the company of other late-night shoppers. For them, it’s always a joy to see the shopping center carry a wide array of goodies substantial enough to meet their Christmas check list, of high quality and absolute affordability.


Then why don’t you try Tutuban Center’s Night Market, an exciting shopping alternative that opens after regular mall hours? As soon as dusk settles, see for yourself an outstanding array of affordable goodies that fit everyone’s budget being rolled out and ready to be peddled to waiting customers.

Toys, novelty items, fun and fashionable accessories, gadgets and gizmos, home furnishings, apparel—you name it, Tutuban Center Night Market most likely has it, and probably much, much more.


And you’ll be glad to know that even if it’s a frenzied night-shopping scene, trust that the security and protection of shoppers is at its peak and will be the least of your worries while shopping at the Tutuban Center Night Market.

Safety and security measures, which include both uniformed and plainclothes security personnel plus CCTV cameras, are in place to provide utmost protection to shoppers, while a 7-storey parking building is available that can accommodate hundreds of vehicles so shoppers can do their shopping thing worry-free and leisurely.

Of course, Tutuban Center is not just about the night market alone as it boasts of other attractions where you can enjoy precious time with friends or the entire family. You can chill and settle at Tutuban’s “Foodstreet” to fill your tummy to your heart’s delight with their delectable and mouth-watering servings of popular Pinoy food and other appetizing Asian delicacies.


You can also exercise to your heart’s delight at “Sports Track” for your regular fitness regimen, marvel at Tutuban Virtual Zoo and its exceptional collection of 3-D pictures featuring kids’ favorite zoo animals in breath-taking and life-like realism, or enjoy a night’s stay at Orion Hotel, the newest hotel in the block.  Located at the 3rd level of Primeblock Building, Orion Hotel features well-appointed guestrooms at very affordable prices for weary shoppers who wish to rest their tired bodies.

Shopping this Christmas time—or any other time—is made more exciting at Tutuban Center, so come on in and have some great fun!