ordwarThis day, I was requested to promote an educational game suitable or recommended for all ages who knows how to read, speak, willing to learn and comprehend English language in general.

The “WORDWAR” game is a lan or online game that can be use or play by one (1) player up to four (4) players competing each other for high scores in creating the jumble letters into a word that will result a correct answer which is categorized into level of difficulty from very easy, easy, medium and hard, respectively.

In fact, I have already played the demo version and really appreciated it. Eventually, I accepted to promote without cost the “WORDWAR” game through this site to all the persons who loves vocabulary games. This is highly recommended and I believe that you will also appreciate and enjoy the game.



To try the promo or demo version of “WORDWAR” game just click the following link:

It is recommended to have the license of the game to be upgraded in order to play the game online competing each teams or users with different locations. In fact, I have already express to buy a registered one at an affordable price.

To find out more about the features of the game just send your concerns at or