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Welcome to 2018, the year of AI

If the history of human advancement has taught us one thing it is this: genuine step-change progress does not occur because of a single technology breakthrough, but a combination of multiple complementary factors coming together at the same time.

The Industrial Revolution, which began around 1760, was driven by an amalgamation of steam power, improvements in iron production and the development of the first machine tools.  Similarly, the PC revolution of the early 1970’s was the outcome of simultaneous advancements in micro-processing, memory storage, software programming and other factors.

Now, as we enter 2018, we are at the cusp of a new revolution, one that will ultimately transform every organisation, every industry and every public service across the world. 2018 is the year of Artificial Intelligence – or AI – as it will be the year that it will start to become mainstream, to begin to impact many aspects of our lives in a truly ubiquitous and meaningful way.

AI: Over 65 Years In The Making

The concept of AI is not new. In fact, it stretches back to 1950 when early computing pioneer Alan Turing famously posed the question “Can Machines Think?” and it would be another 6 years, in 1956, before the term “artificial intelligence” was first used.

So it has taken nearly 70 years for the right combination of factors to come together to move AI from concept to an increasingly ubiquitous reality. And there are three innovation trends driving its acceleration and adoption right now.

  • The first is Big Data. The explosion of Internet-connected devices, sensors and objects has expanded exponentially the amount of data the world is now producing. In this increasingly digital era, data is the “new oil”– a source of value and sustainable competitive advantage.
  • The second factor is ubiquitous and powerful Cloud computing. Today, anyone with an idea and a credit card can access the same computing power that, traditionally, only global multinationals or governments have possessed. Cloud computing is democratizing technology and accelerating innovation on a global scale.
  • The third factor driving AI capabilities is breakthroughs in software algorithms and Machine Learning that can identify sophisticated patterns implicit within the data itself. If data is the new oil, Machine Learning is, perhaps, the new combustion engine.

So, it is this combination of powerful industry trends, all maturing at the same time, that is accelerating – and democratizing – AI today.


AI Everywhere

Industry experts refer to the way in which AI will impact our lives as an “invisible revolution”. This refers to its ubiquity. AI will be everywhere—powering your online recommendation engine, acting as a virtual assistant chatbot for your bank account or travel agent, personalizing your newsfeed or guarding your credit card against fraud. AI will be more pervasive – and yet less invasive – than any previous technology revolution.

In particular, AI will be embedded seamlessly into existing, well-established products and services to enhance their capabilities. For example, with a small piece of AI tech called Microsoft Presentation Translator, anyone can help overcome any language barriers as PowerPoint can show real-time subtitles in more than 60 languages, simultaneously as they speak, during their presentations.

In business, AI will be used by most companies for at least some part of the value chain either in research and development, design, logistics, manufacturing, servicing or customer engagement. In fact, leading IT industry analyst IDC believes that by next year, 40% of digital transformation initiatives globally will be supported by AI capabilities.

And you do not need to be a start-up or hi-tech company to embrace the possibilities of AI, just have the vision and commitment to make it happen. Take, for example, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), an 85-year-old Japanese auto manufacturer, which has given itself just two years to become a “100% digital operation” – complete with cloud-based capabilities in AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Mixed Reality (MR).

One of the initiatives they have recently implemented is an AI-powered chatbot where all its 10,000 employees can access information and assistance they need in a faster, more intuitive and reliable way. This significantly reduces the time employees spend on learning the Intranet site navigation, searching for information or calling each other for help. The company is now planning to extend chatbot technology to boost customer services, productivity, and maintenance across the whole company.

AI in 2018

As we stand at the cusp of the new year, there are four key AI developments happening over the next 12 months:

Mass adoption of AI starts from 2018: AI adoption is set to soar in 2018 and beyond when organizations start to see clear benefits being reaped by AI innovators such as MFTBC. IDC forecast that worldwide AI revenues will surge past US$46 billion in 2020[2]. Closer to home, AI investment in Asia Pacific is predicted to grow to US$6.9 billion by 2021, expanding rapidly by 73% (CAGR).

  1. Ubiquitous Virtual Assistants: We will begin to see the adoption of broad-scale AI in the form of conversational AI chatbots in both consumer and business scenarios. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020 more than 85% of customer interactions with the enterprise will be managed without a human interaction and AI will be the key technology deployed for customer service.
  1. Democratizing data and decision-making: In a world where more data exists than ever before, the ability to deliver meaningful business insights from that data to the maximum number of relevant employees becomes of paramount importance. AI will be the key technology for making that happen by bringing together data from employees, business apps, and the world.
  1. Building trusted foundations for AI: There will be increasingly more discussions at governmental and industrial levels to create formal governance and regulations in the usage of AI. We saw these discussions with the onset of eCommerce and the advent of cloud technologies. It is critical for transparent public-private conversations to take place as they will shape how AI can benefit economies and societies in a fair, transparent and trusted way.

The future of AI burns brightly and 2018 is the year that will establish a solid foundation for the mass adoption of this exciting and vital technology.

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Top 5 Noisiest Stories in 2017

Digital data authority compiles the most talked about stories in 2017

Now that we can easily identify what ticks the Filipinos interest through a study of the social media world, the internet landscape suddenly became the most important and most powerful tool that can spell the pulse of the market.

To highlight what the online platform can do to help businesses and all other sectors and industries, digital data authority Research and Tech Lab (RTL) sums up the five most trending topics that have caught the attention of millions of Filipinos this 2017.

With exactly 27, 273, 741 mentions all around the different social media platforms, MMFF2017 was the hottest topic ever discussed in Filipino social media pages. Nearly every netizen turned into movie critics and blockbuster gurus during the recent leg of the Metro Manila film festival. Undoubtedly, Filipinos’ number one mode of entertainment is movie time as more than 27 million people made sure that their insights will be heard and through their own little way influence how the movie industry will go moving forward.

Who doesn’t love weddings? This is especially true with celebrity unions and all the fancy trimmings that come with it. For 2017, the most talked about nuptial were by Anne Curtis and husband Erwan Heussaff. #TheWanForAnne gathered 11, 930, 270 social media posts. Almost 12 million netizens took part in the celebration by sharing their well wishes and the most memorable parts of the union. These numbers made the Heussaff-Curtis wedding the second most talked about event in the history of 2017.

Next most trending topic for 2017 was none other than the prestigious Miss Universe competition. 11,818,084 netizens showed their support to the pageant and the Filipino candidate through social media. This only goes to show that the country can work for a sole cause especially in assisting the Philippine candidate clinch the coveted title.

The transformation of Xander Ford on the other hand, landed him as the fourth hottest topic last 2017. His bold decisions to introduce what he says as a better version of himself triggered the social media nation to give their support or their negative reaction. He generated a total of 10,598,130 posts. You can just imagine the vast impact of his transformation that more than 10 million people have to join the bandwagon and react on his actions.

Lastly, Coldplay Manila is on the fifth spot with 1,221,430 social media mentions. More than a million Filipino fans were busy flooding their pages with what we can consider the most popular concert in 2017.

From the five most trending issues of 2017, it can be concurred that culture and family values are still part of the activities that interest Filipinos. Spending quality time watching movies, seeing stories of happily ever after and showing of Filipino pride are just some of the everyday realities that uplift and entertains every Filipino.

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Buendia Food By The Court: Play Basketball, Relax, Eat & Drink

Have you visited yet the Buendia Food By The Court in Makati City? A place where you can play basketball with your team and relax while eating your favorite nutritious and delicious food with different recipes from the food stalls in the food park. Of course, the food of your choices is great with ice cold drinks and juices to fully satisfy your cravings.

The Buendia Food By The Court is the first food park with basketball court in Makati.

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Hortikultura Festival 2018

Are you interested to celebrate the best of nature in the biggest plant show in the country?
Hortikultura will be having its grand plant festival on February 2-11 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.  Exciting activities are in store, from pocket garden set-ups, seminars, raffle to a Coachella inspired open-air event.
Do not hesitate to inquire Hortikultura about the Hortikultura’s greenery festival!