Acer Lowers Digital Classroom Entry Barrier with Homegrown Management Service

Giant Tech Company, Acer Inc. modulate digital classroom access barrier with Homegrown Management Service of the schools of remote areas in Taiwan.

Schools in remote areas have typically struggled with managing classroom devices with little or no dedicated IT staff. To help bring down the digital divide, Acer Taiwan has worked with local system integrators to deploy Android Tablets to five remotely-located schools across the island through the Acer DADA (Device Agent & Deployment Assistant) management service.


The DADA system allows for provisioning based on device serial number, and automatically pushes predefined apps to batches of Acer tablets. In the case that students have accidentally deleted learning software or if the devices is infected with malware, a factory reset will restore the system and reload designated apps, streamlining the management process and dramatically lowering the entry barrier for schools with limited resources to deploy digital classrooms.


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