If you want to grow your money or wealth in Real Estate, you have to invest it with the purpose of either for sale or lease. But never invest in something you don’t understand no matter how profitable may be.

Chateaux De Paris in South Forbes is a subdivision developed with sprawling gardens and flowery, landscaped parks inspired with romance and grandeur of the lovely city of Paris.

The subdivision has a Total Area of 24.05 with 545 Lots and Lot Sizes of 225 sqm. and up.

Lot Begins at Php 61,826/month and House & Lot (H&L) Begins at Php 100,776/month with HLURB LTS No. 17766-R4A-07-08

I have visited already the subdivision with my colleagues and witnessed the elegant houses & lots within the peaceful community.


Chateaux, South Forbes Clubhouse
Chateaux, South Forbes Playrground
Chateaux, South Forbes Clubhouse Swimming Pool

In terms of utilities, they created an Underground Tank and OverHead Power Lines

The subdivision’s road specs inlcude: Spine Rd-25m wide, Main Rd-15m wide, Minor Rd-13m wide



Area: 158.68 sqm. and up

Bedrooms: 3

Details: 2 Storeys, 2 T&B, Powder Room + Maid’s Room & T&B

Living Area 16.7
Dining Area 14.62
Powder Room 3.72
Kitchen 7.86
Maid’s Room 3.84
Maid’s T&B/Common 2.22
Stairs 5.3
Master’s Bedroom 13.92
Master’s T&B 3.92
Bedroom 2 9.77
Bedroom 2 T&B 3.18
Bedroom 3 10.84
Hallway 10.37
Total Indoor Areas 106.26
Main Entry / Porch 2.28
Garage / Carport 33.8
Lanai 1 7.69
Service Area 8.65
Total Outdoor Areas 52.42
Total Gross Area 158.68

If you are interested to invest your money one of their house and lot or lots don’t hesitate to reach me with my Email: and Contact No. 09266765649 with your questions and other concerns about the house and lots of CHATEAUX DE PARIS AT SOUTH FORBES.

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Work-life balance essential for homemakers

Global appliance manufacturer offers solutions for better household management

“I wish I have more time.” Hearing this phrase from homemakers is not uncommon. As managers of households become more and more involved and active in other activities, juggling work and chores become an even bigger challenge for these dynamic individuals.  “Industry reports show that the rising employment rate increased the need of homemakers to ease their household burdens,” explains Mr. Joeben Gamatero, Concepcion Midea’s Marketing Director. “The good news is that higher employment also increases their purchasing power so they now have the means to buy quality home appliances to help them.”

One of the most time-consuming activities in the household is doing the laundry. There are still homemakers that choose to hand wash their clothes while a good majority find the wash, rinse, and dry cycle exhausting.

Fully Auto 10kg

“This is where quality home appliances enter the scene. By choosing the right home appliances, everyone can lighten the demands of their household chores,” says Mr. Gamatero.

One touch convenience What if you could finish your laundry with just a touch of a button?

Global brand Midea has made this possible by stepping up with its Fully Automatic One Touch Washing Machine. Equipped with a One Touch feature, this washing machine can wash, rinse, and dry with just a push of a button.

This function does not only lessen the time and effort usually involved in washing clothes, it also minimizes the common confusion of homemakers with the many buttons and dials of washing machines. More importantly, it lessens the period they spend on this chore and gives them more time to do other things.

Mr. Gamatero suggests, “Homeowners should always look for user-friendly, efficient appliances. Half of their work is already done once they do.”

Efficiency is key

“The term efficiency is multidimensional when it comes to appliances. Other than being easy to use, home partners should also be friendly to the pocket and equipped with good features,” continues Mr. Gamatero.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg

Another feature of the Midea One Touch Washing Machine is the Quick Wash function that lessens washing time by as much as 50% versus other washing machines. With this feature, washing a full load takes as fast as 19 minutes so homemakers can have more free time on their hands.

Additionally, this washing machine comes with two other features that both save on electricity and water usage. The Piso Wash does a complete wash and dry cycle all for 1php of electricity cost per load while Smart Sensors automatically set the right time and amount of water based on the laundry load. The latter helps save water by as much as 37%.

Time is a very valuable resource for homemakers. Though they are leading very active lifestyles now, they are still expected to be hands-on in managing their homes. While their packed schedules may limit their capacity to keep up with this responsibility, one way they can do to remain on top of things is to choose the right appliances.

Mr. Joeben Gamatero concludes, “Homemakers deserve a good work-life balance. By having the right home partners, they can continue doing their many roles effectively while still having ample time to enjoy other things they love.”

About Midea

Midea is one of the world’s largest producers of consumer appliances. Established in 1968, Midea has consistently strived to make the lives of its consumers easier with their line of innovative products. On 2014, Midea Global partnered with Concepcion Industrial Corporation to bring the brand closer to Filipinos. For more information on Midea, please call +632-850-9888 or visit

Carlos Celdran Joins Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015

Carlos Celdran, in his role as a cultural activist, is commonly asked to
comment in the local and international media on topics regarding Philippine society, Tourism and culture and with his more than 200 thousand followers on Twitter, no doubt that the opinion of this person matter.

According to his profile, He has been quoted on Philippine social issues in such media outlets as Time magazine (commenting on the people’s reaction to flooding caused by Typhoon Ketsana), The Huffington Post (commenting on the 2010 Philippine presidential election), and Forbes (commenting on the Philippine Reproductive Health Bill).

In December 2010, Carlos Celdran was listed as one of the “Names You Need to Know in 2011″ by Forbes Magazine.

At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, different top executives will join together to share the future of online marketing in the Philippines and for the Asia Pacific Region with the following points:

• The digital economy of the Philippines
• Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from east to west and west to east
• Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?
• Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation
• Technology and entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth
• Micro- multinationals- e commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond

Speakers and Moderators are from international & local scenes who are leaders & influencers;

Mario Montejo- Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

Xavier Marzan- President & CEO, Globe GCash

Constantin Roberts – Managing Director, Zalora

Tina Pang- Head of Online Sales, Twitter

Earl Valencia- Head Corporate Development/Innovations, Smart

Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber Philippines

Richard Upton- President, John Robert Powers Asia

Donald Lim- Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN

Janette Toral- E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino

Robert Yupangco- President, Yupangco Group of Companies

Chinkee Tan- Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and
Wealth & Wellness Coach

Rebecca Bustamante Mills- CEO, Chalre Associates & President, Asia CEO

Mikel Yaw- CEO, Elabram Systems Group

Carlos Celdran- Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide

Maria Camille Montejo- CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure

Kim Bernardo Lokin- Managing Editor, Business Class Magazine

Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creative Voices Productions

Tanya Llana- Marketing & Sales Director, Victoria Court & General
Manager, Hotel La Corona De Lipa

James Jimenez- Director, Commission On Elections

Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation

Jonathan Luzuriaga- President, Philippine Software Industry Association

Donald Felbaum- Managing Director, Optel

Lewis Hong- Web Digital Marketing Specialist, Xyxon Pte. Ltd.

Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 (#AdMe) is expecting 200 visitors & up to 15 companies to share their products and services in the expo. #AdMe is presented/organized by TAG Media & Public Relations.

For more info please check for partnership/sponsorship, please contact the organizer at 09166299381 or at

Registration Fee: Php2,000.00 (Inclusion:
Snacks and Lunch, Conference and Expo.)

Celebrate life’s winning moments with Goya and score cool gadgets!

Little achievements in our daily lives deserve a sweet reward. Nothing beats Goya chocolates as a treat to celebrate life’s simplest winning moments.

And now there’s more reason for you to celebrate with Goya’s Winning Celebrations Raffle Promo! Six units of MacBook Air, 10 units of iPhone 6, 17 units of iPad Mini and 70 gift certificates worth P1000 from Mercury Drug Store are being given out to those who choose to enjoy daily victories with Goya.


Promo lasts until July 15, 2015. Winners will be drawn on August 15, 2015 at Delfi Marketing Inc. offices in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. In case of a winner’s name being picked twice during the draw, the winner gets the prize with a higher value. All winners will be notified by registered mail, and prizes can be claimed at designated Delfi Marketing offices.

So whether it’s welcoming your child home from a day at school, completing a pile of to-dos at the office, or something as simple as finding a slot at a crowded parking lot, choose to celebrate little victories with Goya.

Is there a job waiting for you?

A millionaire at age 27. Met him in 2010 when I’m still taking my Masters in Management Major in Engineering Management. We were required to attend this workshop. Lloyd Luna mesmerized everyone with his wit and bubbly aura but spoke with sincerity with his experiences from poverty to how he achieved success.

Now, sharing to you why I bought his book too.

Is there a job waiting for you? By Lloyd Luna

The question, “Is there a job waiting for you?” is not just for the graduating class of 2016 but also for the following professionals:

1. Those who would like to shift career or
2. just had laid off, retrenched or in the midst of closing down the company you’re with for the last 5 years.


More and more professionals now need more than the usual college degree and training sometimes are not enough. So, if being equipped might not give us the right career, how about learning how others did it.

UNLESS you beat the average of 199 other applicants competing for the same position, you won’t get the job. You’ll be joining the world of the unemployed. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get depressed and disappointed, for you are just having your first taste of the real world.

According to Lloyd Luna, “But you need not apply if there is already a job waiting for you, right? Trust me; regardless of your status today, this is possible. Whether or not you are enrolled in a first-class school, this can work for you as it had amazingly worked for me. It’s nice being hired without getting into tight competition. I have been there and done that. And I’d like you to know how I did it.”

Date: August 12, 2015
Where: FullyBooked BGC, Taguig
Time: 2PM-5PM

Registration Fee: Php 800.00, with book Php 1,000.00, Book only 350.00

Slots: 50

For more information and registration: 09166299381 or send an email to

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