Ten (10) Signs You Are Ready To Invest In Real Estate

How to know when the time is right to make the investment plunge?

When it comes to property investment, timing is everything. Ultimately, choosing the right time to enter the market will have a significant impact on the long-term success of your investment.

But how can you as an investor know whether the timing is right? Global property portal Lamudi has complied a list of 10 tell-tale signs that now is the time to start building your investment portfolio.

1. You are financially ready. You have saved enough for the down payment and you have also established your emergency fund. You have taken into account home maintenance expenses. Your credit history is good and you are able to meet all the financial obligations.

2. You have set your long-term goals. You have a clear picture in your mind of the purpose of your investment and you are flexible enough to adjust to changing circumstances. You are not hesitant and when the timing is right, you are able to adapt to the market need and the development of technologies.

3. You have done your research. You know the neighborhood of your future property well enough to foresee the coming trends and the possible changes in the community. You have researched all the schools in the area as well as the best commuting means and you are able to predict the next homebuyers’ needs.

4. You have chosen a stable economy. The area is financially stable, economic trends are promising and equities are surging. No demographic fluctuation or no irregular variation of population have been recorded in the area.

5. You understand the country’s policies regarding Real Estate. The policies of the region promote and encourage a positive, innovative environment as well as drive further innovation index is rising in the area.

6. Infrastructure projects are underway and likely to lead an increase in property values. The infrastructure of the area is being developed with a focus on: transport, energy, solid waste and water management developments.

7. The region is moving toward sustainable development. he region’s awareness of global and local environmental issues is increasing, the demand for eco-friendly homes as well as for sustainable rural and urban development is rising. As more and more people head toward sustainable living, investing in sustainable property will increase its value in the future.

8. The location draws a lot of interest. Whether it is the best travel destination or the hot jobs spot, the location is always on the top of the search engine. It has become a successful startup hub already or is planning to do so in the coming years, driving a lot of job seekers into the area. The number of enrolled students is increasing every year, the area draws interest of international students.

9. You have found a reliable Real Estate agent. If you are an overseas buyer, it is particularly crucial to make sure you have a good representative on the ground. Your Real Estate agent is trustworthy and knows the local market well enough to be able to help you make the choice.

10. You have researched local differences in the property market. Whether you plan to invest in a residential property and turn it into a rental or an office space, you are fully aware of all cultural differences that might occur when you deal with a property seller.

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Declaration of Treasury Shares as Dividend

May treasury shares be declared as dividend?

According to Philippine General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), treasury shares may be reissued as dividends in which case the cost of the shares shall be charged to retained earnings or accumulated profits (IAS Term).

But under the Philippine Corporation Code, the declaration of treasury shares as dividend is termed as property dividend.

However, under Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) 32, treasury shares are a component of shareholders’ equity and not a financial asset.

Focus and determination

Few days ago up to date, we’re systematically preparing the schedules for the quarterly income tax return in our workplace which is due sixty (60) days after the end of the previous quarter.

In preparing the schedules you should consider and be updated about the revenue regulations in presenting the revenues and expenses if are taxable or exempt to income tax.

Checking the account balances and proper presentation of the items of revenues and expenses are necessary for the preparation of the schedules.

Focus and dedication to work are one of the keys in order to prepare the schedules on time.

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