Lose weight with a daily cup of Fine Metabo Coffee

Mahalagang Paalala: Ang HyC150 ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.

There is now a delicious way of losing weight and it’s as easy as taking a cup of coffee. Fine Metabo Coffee is a delightful drink that combines the flavorful taste of high-quality coffee beans from Brazil with a number of amino acids that promote weight loss.

Unlike ordinary coffee, Fine Metabo Coffee only has 29.7 milligrams of caffeine per cup, making it a healthier option for those who need the frequent buzz of java. You can drink it hot or cold as many times as you want in a day without fear of staying up all night, a regular complaint from many coffee drinkers.


More than that, Fine Metabo Coffee is packed with amino acids such as chlorogenic acid, L-carnitine and fructo-oligosaccharide that help you lose weight over time.

Chlorogenic acid has been shown to be effective in weight management; while L-carnitine helps the body metabolizes fat. Fructo-oligosaccharide is a low calorie fiber sweetener that not only enhances the flavor of coffee but has also been found to help improve blood-glucose control and lowering triglyceride levels. Its naturally sweet flavor is a great substitute to sugar, which has calories.

In fact, Fine Metabo Coffee was awarded the Silver Quality Award at Monde World Selection in 2011. It is a quality product from Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old leading global wellness company that has brought to the Philippines potent, ready-to-drink nutraceutical products that fight aging, boost health and enhance personal beauty.

Fine Metabo Coffee is a great way to boost the effects of Premium HyC150, which is touted to be the modern “fountain of youth.” Also manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd., Premium HyC150 is a woman’s secret weapon to looking young, staying physically fit, and feeling good about one’s self. It helps her stay beautiful inside out, while providing strength and vitality to get her through the challenges of the day. By feeling good about one’s self, a woman’s nurturing persona is enhanced, promoting an optimism that creates a balanced, pleasant atmosphere at home or at work.HyCproducts

Premium HyC150 combines three youth-inducing elements for a more potent supplement drink: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ubiquinol. These are aided by active ingredients, like vitamin C, biotin, elastin, and pearl coix. Premium HyC150 is the only beverage that combines these three powerful nutrients, effectively releasing significant benefits to the body. Based on clinical studies done in Japan, North America, and Europe, about 93 percent of users reported improved hair, nails, and skin with continued use. Although results vary per individual, it only takes one to two weeks to see the positive changes. Women do have the advantage when it comes to winning their dreams and that of their loved ones, and HyC150 is the secret weapon that helps them reach for the stars. Taken with Fine Metabo Coffee, all women will be blessed with good health, a beautiful demeanor, and a gorgeous body.

Premium HyC150 is now available at selected Watsons stores nationwide.

For more information, visit our website at www.HyC150.com; like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HyC150; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02)546-7297 or 0917-7750779.

Past Agora Advocacy Marketing awardee highlights need for corporate social responsibility

A company’s reputation is built on several cornerstones. More than integrity and a good record, another factor that shapes its identity is its dedication to corporate social responsibility. The importance of these venues cannot be understated, as they greatly shape a company’s identity through its commitment to the public.

For three decades now, Metrobank Foundation has been committed to its mission of handing out awards to the country’s best teachers, police officers and soldiers as a way of recognizing their service to the country. This initiative has earned the foundation the first ever Agora Award for Advocacy Marketing handed out by the Philippine Marketing Association in 2004.

Aniceto Sobrepeña, president of Metrobank Foundation, expressed that it was a big privilege for their foundation to be the first recipient of the prestigious award. “We were the first awardee for the category when it was introduced during the 25th anniversary of the Agora Awards.”

Sobrepeña is one of the 22 past Agora Award winners who will be sharing their experience and knowledge in marketing in the forthcoming Agora Circle Conference of the Philippine Marketing Association, which will be held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom on October 21, 2015.

The conference, a pre-event for the annual Agora Awards, will see past Agora winners discussing with conference participants their personal stories and what inspired them in creating their winning marketing strategies.

The Foundation was established in 1979 by George S.K. Ty, Metrobank founder and presently Metrobank Foundation Chairman, as a way of sharing the fruits of the bank’s success with the community.

Chito Sobrepena Sobrepeña, president of Metrobank Foundation
Chito Sobrepena Sobrepeña, president of Metrobank Foundation

Some of the endeavors the Foundation has been involved with include Manila Doctors Hospital– which has become a model for healthcare in the country as it offered charity service and outreach missions to the less fortunate and scholarship grants for deserving medical students–, and the Young Painters’ Annual, which provided young artists with the artistic stimulation and offered an avenue to presenting their artworks.

However, it is with the launch of the Search for Outstanding Teachers in 1985 that Metrobank Foundation first came into public attention. The Search not only identified the country’s best mentors, but also promoted a culture of excellence with elementary, high school, and college teachers given the prize.

The foundation has already recognized more than 300 teachers in the past 30 years. Other awards, namely The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers and Country’s Outstanding Police Officers in Service followed in 1999, wherein exemplary military personnel and police officers were recognized for their service to the country.

Sobrepeña said it was an honor for Metrobank Foundation to have been given the opportunity to be part of the subsequent selection of awardees in Advocacy Marketing.

“Metrobank Foundation will continue with these programs in a sustainable manner,” he said. “They remain the most coveted awards especially among our teachers in the Department of Education and the members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.”

This year’s Agora Circle Conference follows the theme “Fifty Shades of Marketing Darker.” Aside from former Agora winners, it will also feature some of the country’s best speakers, members of the academe, industry professionals and students discussing topics that are of interest to the local marketing industry. These include topics on branding, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and technology.

For details and reservations, visit www.theagora.ph. For information about the Philippine Marketing Association, visit philippinemarketing.net.ph.

Acer Liquid M220: The First Windows Smartpone Of Acer

Tech giant Acer has unveiled Acer Liquid M220, the Acer’s First Windows Smartphone with the latest Windows 8.1 OS (upgradeable to Windows 10), created with powerful specifications that can provide to either lifestyle or business users as part of their daily activities.

The potential users of communication gadgets and accessories will consider the cost, quality and its advancement in technology in terms of operating system and universal use of it which is either use for personal or business.

Acer Management

M220 Black
M220 Black

M220_black_07 (394x640)

Acer Liquid M220 confidently offers to business users through its Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset that effectively boosts its stock against other smart phone brands in the market. Enhance by a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor, 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM.

MR Jeffrey Mariano
Mr. Jeffrey Mariano
Acer M220 Specs
Acer M220 Specs
Mr Mon Delos reyes
Mr. Mon Delos Reyes

 With a vivid 4-inch display and 233 pictures per inch (PPI) screen resolution, it perfectly matches the phone’s 5-Megapixel main camera (with autofocus and LED flash) to shoot the best pictures and videos whether for fun or professional use. Included, is the secondary 2-Megapixel front camera fit for the “selfie” generation.

M220_black_05 (640x332) M220_white_06 (370x640)

The speakers in the event stated that the users can download free apps and games that could be stored in the Acer Liquid M220 RAM or External Micro SD that makes an Acer brand to explore beyond limits.

Besides, the Acer Liquid M220 is elegant but affordable cost made by a Thai silk suit material with a textile finish that gives it a sophisticated and fashionable guise and feel, which also doubles as extra grip for the phone to make handling safe and secure.

You can have the Acer Liquid M220 at a modest and affordable price range of P2,490.00

Visit Acer Philippines Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/AcerPh) to know more about the Acer Liquid M220 and all other Acer products. Follow Acer via Twitter (https://twitter.com/AcerPhils) or visit their website: www.acer.com.ph

Taylor Limited Edition Guitars

For amateur or professional musicians, it is their dreams to have their own taylor limited edition guitars as part of their daily activities in playing or composing songs and music for their own personal or publication.

It is really an exciting for a musician to get their own instrument of their dreams and one of the best feelings that they will experience. It all starts with a second-to-none selection of the finest guitars which is exactly what you’ll find in the online stores and other retail stores.

There are a lot of brands in the music industry with the best offerings of limited edition guitars made or created with advance technology and features.

Play your acoustic guitar with a great amp and effects and accessories for a great music experience. This is your opportunity to bring home the best gear for every aspect of your performance.

Play Just Roll It Online Board Game For One Million Pesos In Cash And Prizes Promo

Have you downloaded the “Just Roll It PH” online board game and play for One Million Pesos in cash and prizes?

With your spare time, you can download the Just Roll It online board game and play with players who are interested in the concept of a monopoly game related to building Real Estate empire or activities.


Just Roll It is the most exciting online board game to hit the Philippines. This game is similar to a monopoly game that can be played on the PC  with groups of Four (4) players as a free for all individual game or as teams of 2 in a team battle.

Besides, this online board game is intended for those players who like a colorful character who will travel the world to buy properties and build a Real Estate empire or territory. Choose a character with special abilities to help you manipulate dice rolls or give you extra luck to turn tide in your favor.


Some of the techniques to be able to win over your opponents on the Just Roll It online board game is to use your monopoly or power of the Real Estate market to collect rentals from other players who rented or land on your properties and force them into bankruptcy.

As you continuously playing the Just Roll It online board game,  you can upgrade or increase your character’s level, equipping lucky charms and special dice. Wow, I think this online board game would be an exciting game that I will playing during may spare time.


Play, discover and master the concepts and features of the game to be able to win your opponents and establish a powerful real estate empire on the Just Roll It online board game.

As one of the new players of the Just Roll It online board game, will learn the features and strategies of the game. Character and attitude in playing the game are important aspects to be considered not just only in a game but also in personal lifestyle whether it is related to business or non business activities.

While your are playing Just Roll It even during your spare time, as players can stand a chance to win at least P1,000 daily from monthly prize pool of P62,000. Download and play the Just Roll It online board game for a chance to win prizes and you players can also qualify to join a weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months to win part of a total prize pool of one million pesos!


Play more for a chance to win P1,000,000 worth of prizes will be given away for Weekly Raffle Event and Monthly Raffle Event.

This is part of promoting the Just Roll It online board game that will eventually hit and become popular to the online and non-online players in the Philippines.

Watch this video:

Download for free and play the Just Roll It online board game for a chance to win prizes and to meet players that could also help you with regards to the game. There would also be the possibility to meet new friends while playing the Just Roll It online board game.

Visit their website: http://justrollit.ph/ to know more about the Just Roll It online board game.

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