Advocafe is Definitely not just your Ordinary Coffee Shop

Advocafe is a non-profit and social enterprise in support to the Indigenous Peoples, which is situated with the grounds of the College of the Holy Spirit Manila (CHSM).

Advocafe is definitely not just your ordinary coffee shop which you can easily find around the Metro as majority of the products being sold at the store are all natural and organic tea and coffee bean products were results of the hardwork and efforts of the lumads, IPs, and the Igorots from the respective communities all over the Philippines.

Patronage of Advocafe provides education for indigenous children and youth. Among the products offered at the Advocafe include chocolate cacao, turmeric granule, salabat tea, calamansi juice, banana chips, carrot cakes, other organic pastries, and herbal tea.

More on CCE and its upcoming activities at CHSM’s official facebook page @collegeoftheholyspiritmanila; email: /; call College of the Holy Spirit Manila, (632) 02 7356021 / 7356022 local 107 look for Ms. Benjo Macao – AMC; local 109 look for Ms. Joy Flores – Marketing.