THE OPENING OF THE NEW AXA PHILIPPINES branch in Cagayan de Oro City brings the world’s number one insurance brand (Interbrand Report, 2011) to Cagayanons and allows them to avail of the best-fit instruments that will support them to secure their financial future.

L-R: Rien Hermans, President & CEO; Angela Alcantar, Tsada Branch Head; Hon. CDO Vice Mayor Cesar Ian Acenas; Xenas Kintanar, Zone 4 Head; Rahul Hora, Chief Agency Officer

“With the opening of our Cagayan de Oro City branch, AXA Philippines is continuing its expansion in Mindanao and throughout the country.  Our new branch is here to give customers what they need.  Now, Cagayanons will have access to customized financial solutions that AXA offers,” said Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines chief agency officer.

“In AXA, we say we redefine standards.  And when we redefine standards, we do things for the better to make our services more available, our approach more attentive and the delivery more reliable,” says Rien Hermans, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.

When it started operations in 1999, AXA Philippines pioneered, and continues to innovate on its variable life products making it one of the top life insurance companies in the country. AXA Philippines ranks third in the industry based on total premiums, serving over 130,000 individual clients and over 160,000 group certificate holders. Its assets under management are currently valued at almost P40 billion.

L-R: Rien Hermans, President & CEO; Rahul Hora, Chief Agency Officer ; Hon. CDO Vice Mayor Cesar Ian Acenas; Xenas Kintanar, Zone 4 Head; Geoffrey Tan, Training & Agency Development Head

AXA’s investments are managed by the Metrobank Trust Banking Group–the country’s most consistent and top-performing fund management group. This partnership makes AXA most effective in helping clients plan their life goals for income protection, education, retirement, critical illness protection, and estate planning.

The new branch in Cagayan de Oro City is located at the 3/F CKY Center on the corner of Capistrano and Chavez Sts. The Cagayan de Oro branch falls under the management of Zone Head, Xenas Kintanar. AXA also has branches based in Iligan, Davao and General Santos.

AXA is one of the world’s leaders in financial protection and wealth management. Originating from France, it serves a global clientele of 101 million customers in 57 countries, with 3.9 billion Euros in underlying earnings as of 2011. For more information, please log on to


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Chris Cahilig/ Liza Vicente


Life insurer AXA Philippines is confident it is on track to becoming the preferred company, and one of the dominant players in the local life insurance industry with its heightened focus on customer experience.

In an interview, AXA President and Chief Executive Officer Rien Hermans said as the company started crossing the line in 2010, it recognized that the customer has to be at the centre of attention in everything that AXA does – prompting a change in systems and procedures for customer service and in building up sales.

“Every research is showing that we have succeeded in this and that customers have a more positive experience in their dealings with AXA. There are more repeat sales, better persistency, and increased referrals,” Mr. Hermans said. “These two pillars resulted to two things: 1) sales more than doubled from 2009 to 2011 with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45%, and 2) improved customer satisfaction.”

AXA with CEx

This was the result of the AXA strategy of giving customers what they need by segmenting the market according to the distinct needs of the customers, their behaviours and general insight on insurance.

A survey conducted by AC Nielsen through telephone interviews showed that net customer satisfaction for AXA increased from 70% in 2010 to 75% in 2011. “We did that in a lot of different fields, especially in operations where customers saw changes that gave the impression that they are at the top of what we do. Last year, we ranked as one of the top players in terms of total premium income (TPI).  We broke the P10-billion barrier by giving people what they need,” Mr. Hermans said.

Ariel Magtoto, AXA Customer Experience Head, said that in their most recent Scope survey, AXA Philippines exhibited the greatest improvement in customer scope among the global insurer’s eight Asian operations. Scope is a satisfaction survey conducted annually with AXA customers, distributors, and employees.

“To be preferred, we must ensure that we deliver what our customers truly need, at the minimum. It all starts with listening to what they’re saying and being sensitive to what they’re not saying. We also made every staff realize that everything we do impacts the customer. We created a strong sense of accountability for results,” Mr. Magtoto shared. “By the close of 2011, we set the platform to say that, ‘we are easy to do business with’.”

He added that employees now feel that the company is “more customer-centric, putting customers in the first place” with a marked focus on customers and stronger engagement at AXA Philippines. “The ultimate measures of customer satisfaction are in terms of Likelihood to Recommend, for which we have garnered the highest increase at +27 percentage points, and Intention to Buy More which improved by +29 percentage points.”

AXA has 133,476 individual clients and 160,448 certificate holders of group policies. Of the 130,000 customers, 79,000 have registered their mobile numbers. As for email, AXA already has 12,000 addresses out of its target of 50,000. This paves the way towards more intimate and meaningful customer communications.

Meanwhile, AXA Chief Financial Officer Don San Jose said the company’s net premium in 2011 was P10 billion, net of reinsurance premiums, and its net income at P967 million.

“The top line premium revenue went up by 20% from 2010, and profit went up by 21%. New premiums  was at P7.9 billion, of which P1.2 billion from regular (i.e. recurring) premiums (RP) and P6.7 billion in single premiums (SP). Total regular premiums (new and renewal) of P3.4 billion grew by 21% from P2.7 billion the year before. In terms of total assets, the company grew by almost 10% to P39 billion, of which almost P34 billion are liability funds held for our customers,” Mr. San Jose said.

Mr. Hermans said: “It is important to grow the agency in scale if we are to target 25% CAGR in total new business. We have invested a lot in facilities in the last two years – putting up new branches and renovating the old ones. Our concentration is in the big cities in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. We just opened a new office in Davao; and soon, we will open new offices in Cebu as well as in Metro Manila and Southern Luzon.”

AXA also plans to grow its agency force from 1,500 to 1,700 for this year.

The market segmentation that AXA implemented recently is also expected to boost its campaign to reach more clients. “We did a research on what customers think, expect, and the hurdles they face when they purchase life insurance and decide to invest, and we came up with three market segments to better address their needs,” Mr. Hermans explained.

Changes in culture in the people who meet customers, and the recruitment and development of people will make the difference, and “in the end, we may be number one,” added Mr. Hermans. “When I started three years ago, I decided that our priority was to become the most preferred company in the Philippines. The results today show that we have translated our words into action and in giving the right customer service.”

He is optimistic that these will drive the results in the next three years. “We are confident to maintain a stable position in the top of the industry,” Mr. Hermans said.

AXA is prepared for changes in the industry such as possible consolidation of players and the increase in minimum capital, Mr. Hermans said. “There will be consolidation, which, in the end, will be better.  As to the increase in capital, our position on the P1 billion proposal then is clear because we are going through the process already. In order to do this business right, you need to have the right amount of capital.”

The CEO also noted that AXA wants to strengthen its position as a health insurer because its business is in both life and non-life.  “There are a lot of preparations to do for that. Towards the last quarter this year, we will focus on individual products – offering a high level of protection for health – critical illness, hospital income, and surgical benefits,” Mr. Hermans said, adding that it is an opportunity for AXA.


Last January 31, 2012, AXA Philippines President and CEO, Rien Hermans handed over the proceeds of a month-long campaign initiated by company management to gather financial support from AXA Philippines employees and distributors for the victims of the devastating typhoon Sendong. Typhoon Sendong destroyed thousands of homes and caused millions of pesos in damages in the Northern Mindanao area in late 2011.

The amount was raised through a campaign entitled, Hearts in Action for a Million, wherein AXA Philippines employees, management and distributors contributed financial aid. Some groups even contributed their activity fund, the amount allocated for their group activity and Christmas gathering. The objective was to raise a million pesos in relief funds for the families affected by the disaster.

The campaign was a notable success, raising a total of Php2.1 million in a span of three weeks. A check for Php1.7 million was turned over to the local representative of CARE, a leading, international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. The remainder of the proceeds was kept in trust to provide direct assistance to employees and distributors of AXA Philippines directly affected by typhoon Sendong.

In October 2011, CARE, AXA Global and Turkey together with AXA Philippines visited Camarines Sur to study the disaster risk management program implemented by CARE’s local arm, ACCORD or Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development. Both ACCORD and CARE are working together to teach local communities to be more prepared for natural disasters and to create sustainable livelihoods to enable faster rehabilitation after such terrible events.

The Php1.7 million donated by the Hearts in Action for a Million campaign will be used to provided non-food needs (such as clothing, toiletries, and other basic necessities) of 5,000 families in Iligan who have lost their home and livelihood due to typhoon Sendong. ACCORD and CARE’s priority in the first 3 months is to deliver the necessities, such as food, water, sanitation for these families. Afterwards, they will help these families rebuild their shelter and provide livelihood support. They will also participate in risk reduction and disaster management sessions to better equip them for the uncertainties of the future. ACCORD and CARE will engage the local communities to rebuild their surroundings as well, with regular cleanup and tree-planting activities. The focus is on families in the hard-to-reach areas, and the funds will be allocated where it will create the most impact and given to where it is most needed. As of February 2012, ACCORD and CARE have reached nearly 100% of the target 5,000 families and have provided them the necessary supplies and have conducted several disaster risk management sessions as well. They aim to reach 100% by the end of March and move on to the next phase of coordinating shelter and livelihood recovery.

We have proved that through the generous hearts of employees, management and distributors of AXA Philippines, we are able to generate more than a million pesos to help our brothers and sisters in need. A small part of the proceeds was actually allocated to assist AXA employees that were affected by the typhoon Sendong. The funds raised have contributed a lot in helping families rebuild their lives. Truly, AXA Philippines has gone above and beyond its noble purpose to continuously and consistently support our customers in securing their financial future, by helping the community in Northern Mindanao to start anew and secure a more sustainable future.

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For most people, life insurance remains low in their list of priorities. Some think insurance is too complicated and expensive, while others do not want a “one-size-fits-all” product and prefers personalized solutions that exactly fit their needs. There are even those that do not believe life insurance is a good investment for their hard-earned money. AXA redefines how customers view life insurance by giving them what they need.

In a nutshell, insurance provides protection against the risk of the unknown. It protects individuals, their family and their assets from unexpected loss. One of the most effective and practical ways of dealing with risks and uncertainties is to get insured.

“Most people do not have insurance because they do not understand the basic things about it. Specifically, insurance is something that provides security against life’s uncertainties, such as the death of a spouse, or being diagnosed with a critical illness. It also helps prepare for necessities, such as your children’s education or your future retirement. These things happen, and it is only sensible to be prepared for them,” says AXA Philippines President & CEO, Rien Hermans.

Hermans adds that a lot of people also do not get insured because they do not know the right kind of insurance that suits their needs. “One of the common mistakes of purchasing insurance is being underinsured or improperly insured. A good insurance company should be able to assess your needs and offer products and services for the things you need to prepare for.”

Common types of insurance

Life insurance is one of the most common types of insurance that is designed to take care of one’s dependents, including one’s spouse, children, or parent in case of sudden loss of the breadwinner. It offers income protection that can help secure their future.

Meanwhile, health insurance covers payments for medicine, consultations, hospital stays, and other medical expenses and treatments. This insurance is often included in employer benefit packages.

For professionals, there are retirement insurance plans that can help them prepare for a comfortable life after years of employment.

Educational plans are likewise available to help parents pay for their children’s tuition fees.

AXA Philippines gives you what you need

A member of the Paris-based AXA Global Group of companies, AXA Philippines is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in the country. It started its operations in 1999, so far has progressed to become one of the top players in the local life insurance industry.

AXA Philippines offers a wide range of products and services that provide financial protection for its customers and meet their insurance, protection, savings, retirement and financial planning needs throughout their lives. The company’s expertise is in providing the first-class services and needs-based products to clients.

“We believe that insurance should not be complicated. We help customers understand their needs and protect their loved ones and the things that matter most against life’s uncertainties and risks,” Hermans says.

Easy and affordable solutions. To address the needs of young professionals and newlyweds about to start their family, AXA Philippines offers easy and affordable solutions for savings and income protection. This is in direct response to the market’s concern that insurance is complicated and expensive. There is Life eXentials that allows payments for 5 years and guaranteed security from day 1 up to age 55. It also gives 60 monthly payouts in case of early demise or terminal illness of the insured.

Another product is Savings eXentials that gives a customer the chance to pay for 5 years and receive a one-time payout on the 15th year. For only P1, 500 a month for 5 years, the customer is guaranteed a cash benefit of P106, 000.00. This is ideal for those who want to set aside money for major expenses in the future, such as downpayment for a new car or educational expenses.

These offerings ensure quick and easy enrolment because it does not require clients to answer tedious questions and undergo medical examinations. Convenient payment terms are offered as well since premiums can be automatically charged to your credit card.

“Our easy and affordable solutions enable you to have sensible insurance at affordable rates. We made these products easier to acquire so more people could avail of it,” Herman relates.

Getting Life eXentials or Savings eXentials is also hassle-free because all notices, correspondences, and communications can be received via SMS. Plus, you can gain 24/7 access to your policy information, status, and details through the AXA customer hotline at +632 3231 AXA (292) or +632 5815 AXA (292) or by registering at

Personalized solutions. To make sure that AXA Philippines will be able to address the varied needs of its customers, it recently launched its “needs-based selling” campaign. Instead of offering pre-packaged products and services, AXA Philippines makes an assessment of a customer’s needs and goals through a proprietary electronic Financial Needs Analysis (eFNA) tool. The AXA Financial Advisor has the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive analysis of your financial needs and provide customized solutions to fit those needs.

“AXA Philippines offers  products and services to cater to the needs of different market segments. With our personalized solutions, you can be sure that your financial needs in terms of retirement, income protection, education, and health are covered,” Hermans explains.

Wealth management. AXA Philippines is also a wealth management solutions provider able to provide professional advice for high net worth individuals to help them in growing their assets and managing their acquired wealth.

“We help our clients not only manage but also enjoy their assets with our wealth management offerings. We are here to assist them to vary or expand their portfolio so that they may continue to pursue their passions in life,” Hermans explains.

AXA Philippines’ strong financial status, global reputation and performance record assure customers of its dependability and stability as an insurer—a partner who will truly address their needs.

AXA is one of the world’s leaders in financial protection and wealth management. Originating from France, it serves a global clientele of 95 million customers in 61 countries, with 4.3 billion Euros in adjusted earnings as of 2010. AXA was recently named the top insurance brand in the world by Interbrand for the 3rd year in a row. For more information, please log on to know more about AXA Philippines products and services, call +632.5815.292 / +632.3231.292 or email

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WHEN WE EXPECT MORE from the most important things in our life, we need to cross the line into better things—we leave behind what was in the past, in order to achieve more in the present and the future. This crucial, life-changing decision is presented in the new AXA Philippines TV commercial.

LIFE’S UNCERTAINTIES require having a reliable, strong and trusted partner. AXA Philippines offers financial protection and insurance solutions that fit every stage of life. AXA Philippines belongs to the international AXA Group trusted by 95 million customers in 61 countries. AXA is the number one insurance brand in the world (Interbrand Report, 2011).

The TVC is shot in sepia and blue hues, showing different people at different life stages, from yuppies to families just starting out; to young couples; to someone on crutches recovering from an injury. At first, they all stand on the brink of decision, as they get ready to cross the red line (representing the switch in the AXA logo).

When the final decision is made, however, the sepia and blue hues give way to brightness breaking through the gloom. The sense of freedom, vitality and possibility shines in the smiles and bright faces of those who walked across the line.

World’s number one

Choosing the right insurance provider gives you peace of mind when it comes to your financial future and the financial security of your family. This is especially true when the provider is consistently reliable, available and attentive to your needs—and is the world’s number one insurance brand as well.

“AXA as a global brand has always been a trusted provider of financial protection; this is true for its 95 million customers in 61 countries. Recently, Interbrand—one of the top international brand consultancies–named AXA the world’s Number One insurance brand for the third consecutive year.

“AXA Philippines brings the same top quality products and services to its policy holders in the Philippines. We are here to listen to our customers needs and be their reliable partner in helping them protect, support and manage their financial future,” said AXA Philippines President & CEO, Rien Hermans.

Interbrand ranked AXA number one in the world from 2009 to 2011 for the following reasons: 1) AXA’s ability to “redefine its industry by focusing on customer insights”; 2) AXA’s consistent performance in being “available, attentive and reliable” towards its clients; and its success in offering clients “tangible proofs” of how it fulfills its promises; and 3) The strong commitment to the AXA brand by the company’s members at the senior and employee levels.

Interbrand, one of the largest firms in the world specializing in brand analytics, brand strategy and brand valuation, also put AXA as 53rd best brand in the world across all categories; and fourth best French brand across all industries.

Listening to the customer

Hermans explained that AXA is redefining insurance industry standards with its products and its customer approach. He said that instead of offering pre-packaged products off the shelf—a products-based approach—what AXA offers clients are based on their needs.

WHOM DO YOU TRUST when it comes to your personal goals and financial needs? AXA Philippines has customized insurance solutions that are tailor-fit each policyholder’s needs–whether to protect the future of loved ones or increase and manage one’s assets and wealth. AXA is the number one insurance brand in the world (Interbrand Report, 2011).

“The first step we take is to listen to the client’s needs. What are his or her goals? What sort of financial future does he or she envision? Only when we know the answers to these questions can we begin to create a customized, personalized package of solutions for them—one that is the right fit for their needs and goals,” explained Hermans.

Affordable and convenient

Such personalized financial solutions are always worth the investment. Besides the assurance that your insurance package is exactly what you need, AXA customers also enjoy value for their investment.

“Our premiums are matched to the client’s disposable income.  This makes payments easy and affordable since they are within the client’s budget and follows his or her current cashflow,” explained Hermans.

AXA also makes the process of application, payments and claims clear, simple and convenient for customers. For example, application forms are already attached to brochures and such forms have been simplified for ease in filling them out.

Payments are also made more convenient through auto debit and auto charge features. Claims processing is also made simple and tailored to the type of insurance benefit.

95 MILLION PEOPLE IN 61 COUNTRIES put their faith, their financial needs and their protection in the hands of AXA, the number one insurance brand in the world (Interbrand Report, 2011). AXA Philippines brings the same international quality insurance solutions and protection to every customer in the Philippines.

For every stage of life

As shown in the AXA TVC, customers from all walks of life will find a set of customized solutions for AXA—at whatever life stage they are currently in.

Whether one is a young urban professional who wants to start early in securing his financial future, or a breadwinner seeking to secure his or her family’s financial needs, AXA is able to provide customized solutions for them.  AXA also has solutions for wealth management.

“Younger customers, who are beginning their careers and have less flexibility with their disposable income, will find that they can start investing in insurance in an easy and affordable way through AXA.”

“Breadwinners on the other hand will get assurance and peace of mind that their investments are secure and that claims can be availed of reliably and conveniently.”

“AXA also has products that take care of wealth management. We have clients who need advice on how to invest the considerable assets they worked hard to gather through the years. While they are already asset-rich, they still need reliable, dependable and expert assistance to achieve their financial goals,” stated Hermans.

Knowing all of these, crossing the line no longer seems too daunting. In fact, it just might be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

AXA Philippines is one of the leading and fastest-growing insurance providers the country since it began operations in 1999. For more information on its products and services, call +632.5815.292 / +632.3231.292 or email

AXA is one of the world’s leaders in financial protection and wealth management. Originating from France, it serves a global clientele of 95 million customers in 61 countries, with 4.3 billion Euros in adjusted earnings as of 2010. For more information, please log on to