As the health and wellness sector grows into a billion-dollar industry, there are more opportunities to invest in wellness-related products and services. An even more profitable venture would be to invest in a luxury resort that provides a world-class health and wellness experience to the local and foreign market. Anya Resorts and Residences in Tagaytay offers investors this opportunity.

Anya is located along Buena Vista Hills Road in Silang, Tagaytay, in a secluded recessed property that is verdant with trees, gardens, and grassy groves. As the first truly world-class integrated luxury resort, spa, and residential development in the country, it is now the premier leisure and wellness destination in Tagaytay.

The name “Anya” comes from the Sanskrit word that means “boundless”, which expresses how  Anya Resorts and Residences provides comfort, relaxation, wellness, and peace—without limits. Anya is designed for luxury, brand loyalty, market prominence, and profitability. It is one of the savviest investments one can make.

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Investment offers

Investors have the opportunity to invest in a unit or suite type within Anya’s resort.  They have the choice of getting a Guest Room or Studio; One Bedroom Suite; or Two-Bedroom Suite. It’s better to choose a unit/suite type based on how frequent you expect to use it.

There are several advantages of investing in Anya. These include the following: high capital appreciation; liquidity; expert asset management; and the chance to provide a health and wellness vacation to family and friends.

Living Room

Being a branded, full-service, managed development, Anya Resorts and Residences is expected to have a quick, high-value appreciation in relation to other types of real estate. It also promises greater cash returns in comparison to other properties.

Anya also keeps investors’ shares liquid so they get cash on an ongoing basis. This is possible thanks to Anya’s world-class facilities that assure a growing client base among wellness travelers. For investors, it’s like earning cash while they sleep.

Global experts are assigned the task of managing Anya’s assets. Through their efforts, the guesswork, anxiety, and stress are taken off investors’ hands. They can instead focus on their main businesses and wait for their investment to grow.


Through Anya, investors are also able to provide their families a gorgeous second home that comes with world-class resort and spa amenities. Few investments can boast of including health and wellness in its ROI.

Investors also become automatic co-owners of the property and members of Anya Elite, a program of exclusive luxury privileges that includes the right to use other luxury properties that Anya is partnered with.

Expert branding and marketing

It’s not enough to have a premier location or a top-notch development. This must be supported with a robust marketing strategy and effective branding. Anya’s management team has the experience in marketing international luxury hotels and restaurants and will market the property strategically combining a domestic, regional, and global reach.

The team has on hand large databases, extensive corporate and OTA relationships, as well as collaboration and partnerships with other luxury properties and brands—all of which factor into the wide reach and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

In many ways, Anya’s facilities and its breath-taking design “market themselves”. The best designers in the luxury resort sector collaborated to create what Anya is today—these designers include firms such as Manny Samson and Associates who are famous for St. Regis, Four Seasons, and the Ritz Carlton.

Master planning and landscaping was undertaken by Eco Plan, one of the best landscape architects and landscapers in the world. Among Eco Plan’s laurels is Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica for Four Seasons.  JYAA Architects designed Anya’s structures in cooperation with BLUE. JCL, the present managers of Manila’s Fairmont and Raffles, is also handling Anya.

They are all responsible for making Anya’s international standard interiors, viewing decks and terraces, private gardens, lawns, streams, restaurants and its world-class spa. Together, they designed Anya with meticulous attention to aesthetic detail, highly personalized service, as well as international food, beverage, spa, and fitness facilities.


The commitment of Anya’s management team is such that it set aside a pre-opening budget in excess of Php300 million just for 56 rooms. It’s bold statement that ensures high returns from opening day.

Anya is easily the philippines first luxury wellness resort brand. While establishing its branding and reputation, Anya will align itself with three other leading domestic and international brands to create a dining, wellness, and luxury experience unlike anything else in the country.

For more information about Anya Resorts and Residences and its investment opportunities, please go to their website at; or email or call 0917-888 ANYA (2692).

Anya Resort and Residences is developed and managed by Roxaco Land Corp., the property development arm of Roxas and Company Inc. Roxaco Land Corp. is also the developer of projects like Fuego Hotel chains and several subdivisions in Batangas and Cavite since 1988.


There are a few things that celebrity mom and media personality Kat de Castro can’t stand—and one of these is the threat of head lice infestation.

“It’s one of the things that I feel really overprotective about. Just the thought that my daughter Khloe might get head lice puts me on the defensive,” said Kat.

For Kat, having head lice is not just unhygienic but she also considers it a health problem. “What mother would not get worried if her child has lice? It’s not just because my daughter would be itching but the fact that there would by tiny parasites on her head and hair—and they could spread to all of us,” she added.

 Kat de Castro and daughter Khloe talks on how to prevent head lice infestation.
Kat de Castro and daughter Khloe talks on how to prevent head lice infestation.

Kat makes sure to take preventive measures to keep lice from infesting their home, like regularly having pillowcases, beddings, and linens washed thoroughly and even soaking them in hot water. She also checks her daughter if she seems to be scratching her scalp more than normal.

“General hygiene is really important and I taught Khloe about making it a habit since she was a little girl. But sometimes, even if you know your daughter is very clean and healthy in her habits, you can’t be sure what she gets exposed to outside. She can still get lice from contact outside the house,” said Kat.

She discovered that the best way to ease her mind about head lice infestation is to have anti-lice shampoo in the house. That way, she feels secure that she can take care of any lice problem as soon as she discovers it.

“Like many of us, while growing up I learned about various home remedies for head lice, from using suyod  (a very fine-toothed comb) to even applying gasoline on the hair and scalp. I still believe in using suyod but I think it can’t solve the problem alone. We already have modern and effective ways to get rid of lice, like anti-lice shampoo,” she said.

The next step for Kat was choosing the right anti-lice shampoo for her family. After doing research, she decided on LiceAliz. Her primary reason for doing so is because it is very safe and effective, plus also quite convenient to use.

“I read about the active ingredient in LiceAliz, which is pyrethrin. I found out that it’s a natural ingredient made from chrysanthemum flowers. Following the instructions for using LiceAliz is also easy, since we can use it like ordinary shampoo and there’s even a variant with menthol for a soothing cool feeling. All I have to do is follow the directions on the label,” she said.

LiceAliz is a head lice treatment shampoo made of natural ingredients with pyrethrin, which is proven safe and effective for removing head lice and their eggs in adults and children as young as two years of age.

Kat de Castro discovered that the best way to ease her mind about head lice infestation is to have anti-lice shampoo in the house.
Kat de Castro discovered that the best way to ease her mind about head lice infestation is to have anti-lice shampoo in the house.

LiceAliz is applied just like regular shampoo and also has a conditioner that keeps hair soft, healthy, and manageable. For the first two weeks of use, it must be applied twice a week. After that, it is applied only once a week to keep head lice from coming back. For best results, it must be left on the hair for ten minutes before rinsing.

Besides being safe, effective, and convenient to use, LiceAliz has the added benefit of costing as much as 50 percent lower than other brands of head lice shampoo. It also has a variant with menthol for a cool, refreshing feeling on the scalp. LiceAliz is available in drugstores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide.